Thursday, December 21, 2006

Enough Is Enough

Walk more the lady said.
I’m walking 3 to 4 miles a day,
4 and 5 days a week!
Walk more! Walk more!
I feel like Forest Gump as it is;
grow my hair and beard longer
and head to the Pacific Ocean.
It would be interesting, see places
I’ve never been, meet new folks
to quick-step with my pace of crazy.
I wonder if she’d think it okay
to walk on board a 767 for the return trip?

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MB said...

You'd get a different view! You know I'm impressed.

Poetry by Kai said...

hehe that's funny

samuru999 said...
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samuru999 said...

Loved it Pat!
Your reading was great!
Thanks for the chuckle!

P.S That's a lot of walking!
Good for you!

Borut said...

Well, I seem to have heard this lady, maybe she's talking to me, through you. The other day I made two instead of just one of my regular half an hour circles in the town. And did'n know why I did it. I just did it!?:) It's always great to have an opportunity to laugh. Thank you!:)A good one.

gel said...

Hahaha...yet I hear you. I feel like I'm walking nowhere when I "mill" which is what I call treadmilling. It would be great to really travel, yes! I aim for 5 miles/day 5 days a wk, but I'm about at your speed right now.

sage said...

I just found your blog and know I will return. Your poetry speaks volumes.

Also that you are a walker, I am too, 4 miles every day, rain or shine. Stop by my place if you get a chance and check out my intro, (scroll down) and see who I am, too. (I am also a published writer)

write on,

Anonymous said...

Run, Forest, Run!
(Please pop into some Internet cafes and post your progress along the way)

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I get enough walking from the bed to the bathroom each night! :)

Carol said...

Your reading really added to the humor.

All these beta bloggers are making me nervous. I might be left behind.

jel said...


Pris said...

This made me smile:-) Walking and biking are similar in so many ways. When I was able to hop on my bike every moring and ride over to the ocean before working hours began the world looked like such a different place than from a car.

Prashant said...

Run forrest runnn>>>>>>>>>

sage said...

As one who has been known to take off for really long walks, I like it! Nice twist at the end.

Anonymous said...

Walking is good exercise, keep it up. :)

enjoyed this piece. came back from work in the night and had a good chuckle.

Pat Paulk said...

Yes I would, and my feet wouldn't hurt near as much. Thanks MB!!

Kai, it's my pleasure to make you laugh!!

Margie, glad to provide chuckles!!

Borut, laughter is excellent for what ails ya!! If there's a woman speaking through me I wish she'd let me know.

GEL, haven't lost as much weight as I'd like, but I sure do feel better. Thanks!!

Sage, thanks for finding me!! I love your poetry, I'll definitely be back.

Vaughn, I imagine the progress I'll be making will be right here in Georgia. Forest ran, but I walk, I used a little poetic license.

Andrew, you ain't alone!!

Thanks Carol!! Well if you're left behind there will be a bunch of us left together. Not bad company I think.

Thanks Janice!!

Thanks Pris!! Hope ya'll have a wonderful Christmas!! Still waiting on my book to arrive.

Prashant, thanks for coming back!! Forest runs, Pat walks.

Sage, I hope to expand my walking to some other areas (around here) to keep from getting to bored. Right now it's getting my fat arse in shape, maybe one day move into hiking. Thanks!!

Dsnake, closing in on two months, maybe I will. Glad to give you a chuckle after work.

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

I like MBs comment!!
The numbers in this just sing along!

polona said...

wow! too cool, pat!
i don't get to walk as much as i'd like to now the days are short...

Pat Paulk said...

Just finished walking 4 1/2. I don't look any prettier, but i definitely feel better. Thank you Corey!!

Pat Paulk said...

Polona, I only get to because I have the office in my house. Wish i could take pictures like you do, but, then I'd be taking pictures instead of walking. Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

I think it should be ok! Why not do it?