Saturday, December 23, 2006

Holes In The Wall

On my wall I have a portrait of my grandson, and
paper plate dolls my granddaughters hung
with red and yellow push pins.
There’s an eight and a half by eleven photo
of my brother’s Jack Russell terrier,
printed on 20 pound copy paper, dangling
from a trio of blue, gray, and green plastic knobs.
To the far left is an unframed charcoal
my daughter sketched of grumpy old me, and,
you guessed it, a purple tack centered at the top.
A clear-faced, cheap, round clock—hanging
on a color I forgot, reigns dead in the middle
with a jerky second hand that abhors silence.
I have a calendar with a Van Gogh print,
“Imperial Crown Fritillari In A Copper Vase”
stuck and re-stuck on the first day
of what’s been a good turn of months.
Arranged like pieces in a puzzle that never fit,
some cocked to the side, some overlapping; all
appreciated with purposes and memories different.
The box is still half full of multi-colored pins,
and several spaces left for holes in the wall.


jel said...

sounds like that side of the wall has really been living :)
just can't see you grumpy,

Poetry by Kai said...


Anonymous said...

Pat, I hope you have a pleasant holiday. I very much appreciate your regular visits to my art blog. Thanks.

I always enjoy your poetry "of the people."

Anonymous said...

My goodness . . . you look far too young to be a grandfather, Pat!!! Lovely descriptive piece.

MB said...

May those holes be always filling and never full, Pat!

samuru999 said...

I really like this pat!
Very, very nice!

Have a wonderful Christmas Pat!
Best wishes foe a wonderful New Year!


Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Can you thumb tac my friendship on your wall with a red one please!
Merry Christmas Pat!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas from down under, Pat!

Tim S said...

Merry Christmas Pat - another great poem, look foward to reading more in the new year! Ditto Richard.

david santos said...

Happy christmas to you and your family.
Blog "SÓ VERDADES" Portugal
Thank you.

polona said...

a beautiful and warm poem!

merry christmas, pat!

Anonymous said...

THis comes alive. I enjoyed reading it. Infact I read it twice!

Grumpy you? Can't believe that! But your daughter can't be wrong!


BTW, Merry christmas to you and your family.

(PS: I received one month's pay, finally!)

Pat Paulk said...

There's some life in these walls!! Janice, I can be grumpy! Not often though.

Not as nice and sweet as you. Thanks Kai!!

Joyce, I'm certainly not a sophistcated art appreciator, but I do like what you do. Thank you and I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!!

Richard, I started early!! thank you!!

Mary Beth, what a great way to put that. Thank you!!

Margie, thank you!! I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!!

Count it done Corey!! Merry Christmas!!

Richard, Merry Christmas from up above!!

Tim, thank you!! Ditto comment to Richard!!

David, thanks for visiting my blog!! Merry Christmas!!

Gautami, glad you got some pay!! No, she's not wrong. Though, when she sketched it, I was watching tv. I must've been really focused. I didn't even know she was doing it. Thanks for your continued visits!!

Anonymous said...

pat, really lovely images you have there in those words.
a Van Gogh painting itself. :)

Anonymous said...

A wall of memories...nice.