Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Fresh Air

The cold air invigorated my lungs
like a travel magazine does a shut in;
there were no walls, conditions,
filters, climate control or safety.
This breath could’ve been
the shriek of a hawk, or croak of a frog;
it may have come from the woods
on the chilling howl of a coyote.
Doesn’t matter if it was used,
it was new and fresh to me.


C said...

I like this nature image.

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Isn't the blog an amazing tool, we are able to see sides of one another we might never have seen if we had met.

This reminds me of how we share life, share breathing space, how we can breath in the life that is around us, the feelings that someone has just express, be it their Cry, or Scream, or song, or cheer. Somehow it is in the breath of life that we share with one another.

gautami tripathy said...

No control over thoughts, they just come and and go. As you say, no conditions, walls.

I see this that way.

MB said...

When I breathe this way I feel a part of everything around me. This is beautiful, Pat.

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

A sobering thought shairing air almost as intimate as shairing a toothbrush

GEL said...

Enjoyed this entire poem. Terrific ending.

samuru999 said...

You are a great poet, Pat!
A wonderful poem!


Poetry by Kai said...


polona said...

would love to breathe in the shriek of a hawk or a howl of a coyote. invigorating poem! thank you!

DoughnutJane said...

The used air is easier for me to accept than all the used water.

Anonymous said...

Great job...Glad to know we share the love of nature.

Masago said...

Delightful! I especially liked:
"like a travel magazine does a shut in".

jel said...

very cool!

you peged this just right!

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed this one, Pat.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I really like the ending -- perfect

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing this fresh air!

Russell Ragsdale said...

Wouldn't it be interesting if we could feel what the others were feeling, just for a moment, when they were breathing that air we now both have in common? Good one Pat.

Anonymous said...

I like this one!

Anonymous said...

Your poem's image and words are lovely. Found you on another blog and I'm glad I did.


floots said...

.... and that is what counts
really like this one pat

mikaelah said...


your words are bracing

and leaving me with wild imaginings

thank you!

Pris said...

Oh yes!! Good one, Pat.

trinitystar said...

wonderful poem Pat as always.
hugs :o)

Pat Paulk said...

Thank you C!! Kind of fond of nature.

Corey, this is so true. But there are sides we can see in person that we can't see in blogland, too. Sharing breathing space is a good thing!! Thank you!!

Thank you Gautami!! And the little boogers can get rowdy too.

MB, in reality we are. Thank you!!

Sue, I say no to sharing toothbrushes. Lips, and tongue, but no toothbrushes!!

Thank you GEL!!

Margie, thank you for such a kind compliment!! There are a number of editors and publishers that disagree, but what the hell do they know...

Thank you Kai!!

Polona, I really liked that thought when it was rolling around in my brain. Thank you!!

Doughnutjane, I agree with you on that one!!!

Thank you Mandy!! I think we have some blood that's alike too.

Thanks Vaughn!! I wasn't sure that line was strong enough.

Thanks Janice!!

Thanks SB!!

Thank you Andrew!!

Dsnake you're welcome!! We all have our definition of "fresh", just like food suppliers.

Russell, that's an interesting thought. Do I want to feel compelled to eat raw mice and frogs? I'll pass. Bon appetit!!

Thank you Joyce!!

Beloved Dreamer, I'm glad you did. Please come back. Thank you!!

Thanks Floots!!

Mikaelah, wild imaginings are very good for what ails ya!!Thank you!!

Thanks Pris!!

Trinitystar, thank you!! All hugs are greatly appreciated!!