Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Early Morning Turn On

I pour my coffee
from six to ten inches above the cup.
I don’t know if I read this,
or it’s something my creative mind invented.
But, the theory is
by smashing liquid into liquid,
the flavor molecules get so excited
they leap to titillated taste buds,
making a cup of coffee almost sinful.

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samuru999 said...

Sounds good to me Pat!
Yummy and sinful coffee
I can go for that!

Great always!


Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

I thought I was the only one who believed in this! Well in North Africa they pour tea about a yard up from the cup, and it does taste better than it does with my few you think we wshould go higher?

MB said...

Pat, I laughed out loud reading this. I'm going to have to test this theory out! That line, they leap to titillated taste buds is a tasty one — nice alliteration.

polona said...

there must be something to it.
i saw people do that in bosnia and serbia and the coffee (turkish that is) really tasted spectacular, or at least that's my memory of it.
great stuff!

doughnutjane said...

I have no sound card in the office computer. I know I am probably missing a big part of your blogs. :(

ann said...

sinful... hmmm

I'll be thinking of that and you over my next cup of coffee

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Ooooooh . . . "titillated" . . . I love it when you talk dirty, Pat. Really enjoyed this one. :-)

Nea said...

great thought, yet, if I did this I would be lapping my coffee off the table.........haha

Love this one Pat, put a new dimension to my love of coffee.....

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

never thought of that :)

Poetry by Kai said...

luv coffee

jac said...

I think that it is not sinful, but is it not seduction ??

Inconsequential said...

sinful, with a coffee after sound more my cup of tea :)

floots said...

made me smile
i'm so glad to think that coffee is sinful
(i can drink several cups of coffee one after the other but ....) :)

GEL said...

Eyebrows raised, but smiling: ^ ^
LOL!!! Even your "math" measurements...
(Uh, I'm reminded of a "spice" I've used on a blog post... Forget coffee! I think I need to wake up my husband. ;)

Tim S said...

Cant wait to try this out! "I love coffee, I love tea, I love the jiver jiver and it loves me, coffee and tea and the jiver in me a cuppa, cuppa, cuppa a cuppppppaaah..... " Know the song?

jel said...

coffee is good!

Pris said...

I love this and I don't even drink coffee lol...maybe it's the sinful part that got to me, eh??

Borut said...

Prescience!?:) I started drinking coffee again (after one of my endless attempts to stop it) just a few meenutes before reading you poem!:) I'm mixing the two right now!: What a taste! Sin or no sin, really creative, Pat!:)

Anonymous said...

I grinned at this one!

mikaelah said...

The guys at the office say my husband will be buried in a thermos... now I see the attraction! Will tell him I am on to him...and watch him as he pours :)

firebird said...

I truly do see the logic in this--the atmosphere mixes with the liquid; power and sensuality move down your arm into the dark stream, anticipation mixes with the aroma,
and by the time your lips hit the cup, you are READY!
Very logical indeed...

trinitystar said...

Sounds good to me too! Makes sense too ... although she does not partake in the pleasures of coffee drinking. She is an English Rose and we drink Tea. My Canadian cousin always greets me with ... Hows my English Tea Bag? Excuse me.
she laughs out loud ... and whispers ... she does not sin.

Pat Paulk said...

Margie, just goes to show you how boring my life is. Thank you!!

Then Corey I did read it somewhere. Higher and farther is my motto!!

MB, glad I could add some laughter to your coffee!!

Polona, if it's not the taste it's the sound maybe?? Thank you!!

Doughnutjane, not that much, just an old "sutherner" shamefully parading his "accent".

Ann, I'm honored to be thought of over coffee!!

SB, I know you do. Have you gone for your sex change operation yet?

Nea, you've been peeking. It does make a big mess when I miss. One has to stay focused.

Andrew, you've lived a sheltered life...

Kai, I do too!! Only way to start a morning.

Jac, definitely is!!

Inconsequential, and I thought we were talking about sex...

Floots, it's the butts, that get ya in trouble all the time.

GEL, I hope I provided your husband with a good start to his day!!! At least send video.

Tim, I confess I don't, but I'm going to look up "jiver".

Yes ma'am Janice it is!!

Pris, my guess would be YES!!

Borut, not so bad a vice. Thank you!!

Joyce over a cup of coffee I hope??

Mikaelah, and you always thought it was just the coffee??

Firebird, I never thought about it logically, but then I don't think about too many things logically, or that's what that group of therapists said...

Trinitystar, as I don't drink alot of tea, (other than iced sweet tea, I am a "sutherner")I would think it would work fine with it. I'm sorry for the not sinning part. Really??

Anonymous said...

I've seen this done at a fancy Indian restaurant with chai...very impressive.

I should try this with our coffee time tonight although with espresso I can't imagine there'd be enough coffee to reach more than a few centimetres (an inch or so) above the cup. :-)

Anonymous said...

over here, they do it with tea, the Indian and Malay hawkers, they use 2 cups, pulling one cup high up and letting the tea fall into the other in a long stream.
they call it "teh tarik", and i can tell you that it really taste better from another poured normally.
i ask them why this is so, and they say that it's the air bubbles in the liquid. not sure if they are pulling my leg:)