Friday, December 15, 2006

Old Brrr

Winter is scheduled to arrive next week,
I see it marked on the calendar.
Don’t have any celebrations planned,
no gifts, cheers or welcome back signs.
It won't be disappointed I snub its return,
but Fall refusing to leave dressed in the 70’s,
now that’s an insult “old brrr” can’t ignore.

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Don Iannone said...

I wish you a foot of snow so you might be really reminded what the word winter means. Good one. Pat.

Anonymous said...

Brrr! indeed!


Anonymous said...

Brrr! indeed!

samuru999 said...

Love it Pat!
Great always!

"Old brrr" has already paid many
visits here!
I kind of like....
Old Man Winter!
Just bundle up Pat!


jel said...

you say it !!!!!!!

Borut said...

Good one! Love the last line!:)

MB said...

I'd guess that winter in Georgia is a different experience than the kind I'm used to! Happy Solstice, Pat!

polona said...

last season the "old burr" claimed a great portion of both fall's and spring's time here... i guess it's reprisal time...

Poetry by Kai said...


Anonymous said...

Love it, Pat! Brrrr . . .

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

Supposed to be 70 here tomorrow. :)

floots said...

love that "dressed in the 70's" smile
even more "retro" than that here - guess old brrr is holing up in scotland before he pays you the full visit :)
nice one

~ann~ said...

there's a definite shift of seasons here... it turns cold around February... still tomorrow I should be savouring the warmth of the sun on my skin... no brrr for moi... hehehehe

I wish you and yours a very Happy Holiday and hope you are blessed with the best

See you when I get back

lotsa luv ann xxxx

Anonymous said...

nice one , pat.
i thought you were shoveling snow off your driveway by now. :)

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Winter comes in a long white silk gown and parades on the French Rivera...she drinks champagne and listens to Edith Piaf. Here prenom is: Mademoiselle Hiver de la Sud de France

Pat Paulk said...

Don, my three years in YOUR region of the world imprinted strong memories. that's why I'm in the South!! Thanks!!

Yes indeed Joyce!!

Margie, ya'll have been visited in all its splendor there. Thank you!!

Janice, ya'll have had your share of it too!!

Thanks Borut!!

Georgia's not known as a
"white wonderland" in Winter. Thanks MB!!

Polona, sounds like a mild start to Winter. Thanks!!

Thanks Kai!!

SB, from your location that's easy to say!! Thanks!!

Andrew, I guess we have a few more dyas and back to the "cold" 50's.

Floots, why don't you corral that booger and raise little herds of Winter magic?? Thank you!!

Ann, have a great holiday!!!

Dsnake, it's a rare thing to be shoveling snow in Georgia unless you're in the mountains. Does happen though, and we're due.

Pat Paulk said...

Corey, we must have been typing at the same time. Now that's the best description of how to spend Winter I've ever read. Do you have enough champagne and music for two??

Anonymous said...

:-) Of course here, the date on the calendar is more like Dec 1. :-)

Anonymous said...

The great winters have not arrived here yet.

But then we don't have snow here!

minerva bloom said...

Pat, for some reason, I felt this poem was about Aging. And that's a good thing too, that a poem sings for us in whatever mood or perspective we may be. LOL.

I'm slowly and surely slipping into Winter (age) and I noticed I'm still holding onto several items from past decades. Oh yeah! They are vintage now!! ahahaha

But the kewl thing about it is that we get to re-invent ourselves, time and time again. Indeed.

Hey, all the best for you and yours on this Holiday Season and a creative and healthy New Year.

And yeah!!! No harsh winters on South Florida! wooo hooo!!

Anonymous said...

I just found you, thanks to Corey. Love the description of Fall dressed in the 70s. I'll never look at Fall colors quite the same way again.