Friday, December 22, 2006

Friday Before Christmas On Monday

It’s Friday before Christmas on Monday.
I may write poetry all day,
ignore the telephone when it rings,
watch raindrops try to hold onto glass,
sliding despite their best streaking grasp.
A small squirrel just skittered across a muddy path,
will it’ll get chattered at for tracking up the nest?
Garbage men are touring cul-de-sacs
clanging beer bottles and soup cans
racing to get off early today. I hope they do.
Jewelers are selling baubles under glass, clothiers
have mannequins dressed and partially dressed.
It’s Friday before Christmas on Monday,
I think I will write poetry all day, and
give the credit cards a much needed day off.


MB said...

A day to write poetry all day sounds lovely to me! We're going to go get our tree. In the snow. ;-)

Poetry by Kai said...


Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Cha ching perfect ring to this poem!
Have you bought my present yet?

NINANINA said...

have a wonderful christmas on monday..... we have all next year to clean up or credit!
New years day is also on monday!

polona said...

sounds like a sensible thing to do.
lovely feel to this one!
have a great friday and saturday and sunday before christmas on monday!

Anonymous said...

Ha! All the very best over the Christmas break, Pat. I've been at work six days . . . and am now ready for another holiday. ;-)

iamnasra said...

lovely poem..I always see u at Don..thought to pay u a visit and wish X-mas greetings

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

sounds good to me. I'm going to be so dang busy today, though!

trinitystar said...

love the observation of the raindrop. Hey... wish I could give the ole plastic a rest.
Good one Pat. Writing this on the Saturday before Christmas on Monday.
Thanks for sharing. :O)

Gel said...

Ah, to write poetry all day is great. Smiled at your ending!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I think you do the right thing by writing poetry all the long.

This is one good work.

Anonymous said...

How lucky! A full day to write poetry!
The Friday before Christmas was a very busy day for me, not for the usual reasons, but very busy indeed.
Merry Chritstmas to you!

Pat Paulk said...

Well I didn't, but it did sound nice. Hope the tree getting went well.

Thanks Kai!!

Corey, thanks!! With regards to the present, well we did discuss that.

Nina, I'm more looking forward to New year's weekend than this one. Hope you have a great holiday!! Hope the new job is going good too.

Thanks Polona, I hope you have a great Christmas and New year's!!

SB, thanks!! Work does have a way of making people want a break.

Iamnasra, thanks for dropping by. Thanks for the Christmas wishes too!!

Andrew with 4 kids how could ever not be???

Trinitystar, rested them yesterday, put them hard at it today. Oh well... Thank you!!

Thanks GEL!!

Thank you Gautami!!

Yansidara, thank you!! Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

Anonymous said...

Go for it, good buddy!