Saturday, December 16, 2006

Seasonal Rats

Rats crawled in my head last night
ate their fill of brain cells, and
defecated on all good sense.

I was a genius for a few hours,
Paul Newman blended with Brad Pitt,
built the Pyramids of Giza
with mud bricks of aluminum cans.

Thoughts are slowly rising,
like ghosts from a nuclear mess,
they’re wearing one another’s arms and legs,
but what the hell,
I did get rid of the rats.

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Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Did you drink too much? And twist your words around each other, The rats are gone, your head is clear...I usually just get sick and feel worse! So I forget the cans and stare at Brad Pitt!

sage said...

I haven't been over here in a while and love the audible poems--poetry is always better heard than read, in my opinion. Thanks, I've listened to a number of your poems and will listen to more.

Pris said...

Glad those rats are gone, but I'd keep Brad Pitt and Paul Newman, too:-) clever one, kiddo!

Poetry by Kai said...


Anonymous said...

I get rid of the rats by staring into space...

samuru999 said...

Too Funny Pat!
Loved the reading...
Sure glad you got rid of the rats!!!


polona said...

getting rid of the rats is a good thing, but take it easy on them thoughts :)
great stuff as always!

jel said...

just how much did you dink last night? and I'm glad I had eat my lunch before I read this :)

firebird said...

Is this rat invasion a good thing or a bad thing?
Seems to me that it unlocked some creative energy!
Can we have it both ways, I wonder--if the rats are seasonal, then it could be a natural force of renewal! (like floods or fires)

Russell Ragsdale said...

I hope you had a good time. I usually remember I had a lot of fun but can't figure out why. Rats make an interesting metaphore.

mikaelah said...

after a night like that I'd want a nap... or some of that coffee!

Anonymous said...

Nah . . . I think you're still a genius Pat. Another enjoyable poem. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

What a hoot. What did you use, bait, traps,

Anonymous said...

Radioactive rats!

you must have drunk a lot, building a pyramid with those cans. :)

enjoyed this piece.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I listened to it twice -- couldn't stop laughing!
Rats may explain what happened to me. :)

trinitystar said...

she lol ... the twists and turns in one's thoughts can feel like something is gnawing at it.
good one Pat.

Anonymous said...

Beginning with Rats and ending with Rats! Nice

MB said...

This is one of the most creative next-morning stories I've ever heard!

gel said...

(rats, I've missed hearing you...)
"defecated on all good sense"- very powerful image
aMAZE-zing poem!

floots said...

i may have to call in pat-a-rat inc.
i've tried drowning them in everything from alcohol to dispassionate cynicism but the little sods swim right on back

thanks for this one

Pat Paulk said...

Corey, I'm not a heavy drinker so it doesn't take too much. I did feel a little "fuzzy" headed. Strange, I was the only one that saw me as that good looking...

Sage, thanks for the compliment. Always good to see you!!

Pris, I know, I know. thanks!!

Thanks Kai!!

Gautami, mine just sit and stare with me.

Thanks Margie!! I'm sure they'll return.

Well Polona at least I didn't lose any, just had to put them back together. Thank you!!

Jancie, it wasn't the quantity, it's my amateur status. glad you did too!!

Firebird, you are so right, sometimes, the underbrush has to be cleared out. So, I guess it's a good thing.

Russell, I have had those days, more than I care not to remember. The poems is a combination of past hangovers (some real rat eaters), and the minimal one I had Sat. morning.

Mikaelah, I had the coffee, missed the nap.

SB, you are a kind man!!

Vaughn, they lap up beer like sugar, it's the after effects that run them off.

Dsnake, I'm a light weight drinker. Doesn't take much. Combination of past hangovers and the light one Sat.

Andrew, sometimes you just have to burn those boogers out!! Did Sherman say that??

Trinitystar, you are right!! Thank you!1

Joyce, thanks!!

Why, MB, you make me wish I'd have imbibbed more. No not really.

GEL, thanks for the aMAZE zing comment!!

Floots, yeah, it's only a temporary fix, but temporary relief is better than no relief. My pleasure!! Thanks!!

Borut said...

I immensely enjoyed this one! What a picture! Written in the spirit of a true warrior!:)

minerva bloom said...

:::built the Pyramids of Giza
with mud bricks of aluminum cans:::

quite an interesting visual. And you know how to build things too.

'ghosts from a nuclear mess' Pat this is so eerie and true. Our world may come to that, not just Chernobyl. So sad.

Pat Paulk said...

Borut, an old retired warrior. I quit fighting those battles a long time ago. Sometimes I forget.

Minerva Bloom, glad to see you back in my neighborhood!! Not that this has anything to do with the poem, but, several years ago I had a dream. I was on St. Simons Island with one of my sisters and her family. some how we got word there was going to be a nuclear explosion in the marsh. We got in their care and my brother in law was driving across the causeway--too damned slow, and the bomb went off. I watched the mushroom cloud form and the rings of the explosion coming toward us. Went we got hit I went through the door of the car and started floating on the other side and all I could think was "this isn't as bad as I thought it would be". That was the most real dream I've ever had, and still remember it vividly. So, enough of my rant, what's happening in South Florida. I have a crew working on a shopping center just north of you in Port St. Lucie.

Borut said...

Thanks for your 'nuclear' dream Pat. I'll think about it!