Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Grouchy Head

Grandkids are two-legged creatures
that leave potato-chip-footprints,
juice box cartons with vacuum-slurped sides,
and battlefields of fallen toys,
too forgotten to be put in the hallway memorial.
They have questions stapled to every breath,
“can we go...?”
“can we watch...?”
“can we have... pleeeease?”.
But more than things
that grump an old man’s bristle,
they leave their laughter
on chairs and tables, and
even nestled in the fur
of the cat’s grouchy head.


Don Iannone said...

Beautifully said and I know from experience...

Love this line: "They have questions stapled to every breath"

Jon Cox said...

VERY WELL DONE!!! I like this one A LOT!!!! Thank you so much for your comment as well as your request! Those are some I've been meaning to try for a long while & now you give me a reason to create them, thank you so much!!!! :o) Beatuiful poem again, I REALLY like this one!!

Anonymous said...

I love this one.:) But if you keep writing poems like this, everyone will start to think that you're a nice person, and well, we can't let THAT rumour circulate.:) Wonderful poem, Pat.

polona said...

this is about the sweetest definition of grandkids i have ever heard of. wonderful poem!

Poetry by Kai said...


Poetry by Kai said...

thank u

J.B. Rowell said...

This is perfect - my parents are always glad to see us come with their grandkids, and then GO, leaving lots of finger prints on the sliding glass door!

Russell Ragsdale said...

Warm and served with a cynical smile just a tad too broad at the edges. Great stuff Pat!

Borut said...

It was joy reading this one.:)

floots said...

i prefer cats to kids (it's ok - i'm only serious :) )
so that image of the cat was perfect
exactly how my cat behaves
great write
(my grand children will be at your place tomorrow)

Pris said...

I love the way you show them leaving their laughter behind them after they've gone. Good one!

Pat Paulk said...

Thanks Don!!

Thanks Jon!! Keep the artwork coming!!

AA I can always count on you to keep my reputation tarnished!! Thank you!!

Polona, thank you for such a nice compliment!!

Thank you Kai!! You're welcome!!

Julia that is the perfect part of grand parenting!! Even the sliding glass door. Thanks!!

Thanks Russell!!

Thanks Borut!!

Floots, tell 'em the note on the door that says we're gone, don't know where, and will probably never return is seriously true!

MB said...

Pat, you have an ability to conjure original images that are everyday unusual.

they leave their laughter
... nestled in the fur
of the cat’s grouchy head.


Masago said...

Yep! Well done.

Wink said...

I really liked 'Grouchy Head'
Why? Because it not only applies to grandchildren, but daughters as well!

Pat Paulk said...

MB, always a pleasure to see you! Thanks!!

Thanks Vaughn!!

Weyandt, thank you! Great blog you have!!

Medusa aka expiringpoet said...

csThis poem is absolutely bursting with life!
Thrilling! Enjoyed reading it over :)

Nea said...

another one.........are we there yet?...........

very nice poem Pat, I can relate.....

sangeet said...

Beautifully captured Pat! :)

samuru999 said...

Great poem!
I will be back to read more.

Anonymous said...

nice write, and i never give any one cause to be cranky...hahaha

Shane said...

heh heh. wonderful - one of my favorites that i've read thus far