Monday, June 19, 2006


She stalks the shadows
that hang from them,
like wild, dead horses
going merry-go-round,
round and round.

The accident occurred
in the middle of the night,
a bedroom black and dark.
No one heard the train
that slammed through
plaster, glass and bone,
but the damage was life-time long.

She walks without limp,
speaks articulate vulgarity, and
sucks the sun
from her children’s eyes.
round and round.


David Herrle said...


That's the sound of this poem striking me. Bravo.

Pincushion said...

Brutal and brittle like the underbelly of life..
this packed a punch!

Russell Ragsdale said...

Wow Pat, there is no fragile place to this dark humor. It doesn't ache fresh, it hurts long term and hard like scar tissue! Candor is here, as always, but also stinging whispers in the aftermath of the train wreck. We have a taunting nursery rhyme; too not for kids; a hint of vivisection, no blinking. Powerful stuff!

Don Iannone said...

Makes you want to sleep with the light on. Love those lines: "sucks the sun from her children’s eyes." And I thought my Mom was tough. LOL

polona said...

ow, this hurt!
powerful write, pat!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

WOW! nothing else to say---

Masago said...


Nea said...

Ohhhhhhhhh, I hope this doesn't despict a living person, for if so, would be so sad for the kids. But then I write such literal poetry, I always see others work the same.

gracie said...

wow... i visited yuckelbel first and wondered why he called it "pat's"carousel... came here having read your comment pat (thanks!) and my question was answered!!! haha
wonderful - two viewpoints - and both done so well. ouch.

Pat Paulk said...

Thanks David!!

Yes Pincushion it is. For some life isn't lollipops and roses. Thank you!!

Russell, I think the comment says more than the poem!! Great comment!!

Don, some kids are better with it off, at least that way they can pretend it's just a bad dream.

Thanks Polona!!

Thanks Andrew!!

Thanks Vaughn!!

Unfortunately Nea, it depicts alot of living people. And more unfortunate, some I know.

Gracie, thanks for coming by! Hope you'll come back!!

floots said...

great piece pat
especially the power of the final stanza
"sucks the sun from her children's eyes" - what an image

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

Wow, this is so chilling and sinister

MB said...

This is very strong, Pat. Solid and deep. Yow.

sangeet said...

As David said, "Bam"! Sad..