Friday, June 16, 2006

Paper Dolls

Ever thought of people as paper?
Some, a fine linen,
nice to touch;
others, shiny-slick,
like used car salesmen.
Most are just 20# copy
going through the motions,
12 pages per minute.
Me, I’m ripped
from a faded yellow pad
left in the Sun too long.
Been wadded and unfolded,
so many times,
the creases and tears
are more readable, than
the words once there.


Poetry by Kai said...


i remember paper dolls

Pincushion said...

Eloquent and philosophical,intelligent and emotional!

Me? I feel like yesterday's newsprint, sepia tinted and in the bin..

Don Iannone said...


Had you pegged for a fancy wrapper around a beer bottle. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Well done, Pat.:)

camera shy said...

this is wonderful

my copier
and most new ones
can print 17 pages per minute

oh the doldrums
poor 20 lb ers
poor players indeed

Borut said...

Simply love this one.
Paper doll(ar)s stamped by life.:)

Joyce said...

This poem is very good indeed!

whitney said...

huh...Interesting concept...makes me look at people differently for tonight. :o)

polona said...

great write, pat!
makes me think what kind of paper i'm made of... definitely not just another copy... i often used to feel like yesterday's paper... greasy and stained, left behind some remote corner... but maybe there's a winning lotto combination somewhere within my pages...

Masago said...

Ha! This "Paper Dolls" is a hoot!

Hey, why not fold yourself into a paper airplane and take a vacation (a short one as we'll miss ya)?

Great poem! :-)

Carol said...

You have a great imagination with the words to keep up. Good job!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

wonderful - very wonderful!

Russell Ragsdale said...

Superb Pat! The view through your eyes is a learning experience. Thanks!

Shannon said...

I have been in therapy for two years...and in two minutes you helped me figure it out! I think I am that wad of tissue paper in the toes of new shoes that people forget is there until they stub their toes on it!

That's it...I'm moving up to a gift bag!

Jon Cox said...

VERY WELL DONE!!!! This one really made me smile. :oD

Queen Neetee said...

the creases and tears
are more readable, than
the words once there.

This is great!

It seems, that's the kind of paper that catches the eye must quicker. Words are sometimes neither here, not there. Character goes everywhere.

This is really wonderful.

Lee said...

Great images, Pat.

steve said...

Sometimes wonder if i've been cross-shredded. Parchment - suddenly I wish I had some parchment to write on.

floots said...

(it's a wrap :) )

Pat Paulk said...

Thank you Kai!! Don't tell anyone I do too!

Thank you Pincushion!! Somehow I think you're more like pastel stationary with a flowery border, and wonderfully sweet words written on it!!

Thanks Don. Naw, maybe a brown paper bag.

Thank you AA!!

Thnaks Camera Shy!! My copier's like me slow and old.

Thank you Borut!! Yes they are!!

Thank you Joyce!!

Thank you Whitney!! Just tonight?

Thank you Polona!! I think there probably is!!

Thanks Vaughn!! Great idea, but corkscrewing down to the floor always makes me air sick.

Carol, thank you!! Using it to write poetry keeps me out of trouble.

Thank you Andrew!!

Thanks Russell!! Yeah, if you like viewing everything from the "cheap" seats.

Shannon, let's see... 2 minutes times $150.00 per hour... where do I send the bill? Thank you!!

Jon, thank you!!

QNT, you are soooo right!! Thank you!!

Thanks Lee!!

Steve, cross-shredded??? Ouch!!!!

Thanks Floots!!

David Herrle said...


Pris said...

I love this, Pat. I'm rice paper, a bit stiff from aging and somewhat fragile from illness, but still capable of holding a beautiful painting should a brush and ink become my friend.

Nea said...

"Metaphorically speaking" I guess I would be that type of paper you see with the burnt edges around, folded so many times it has permanent creases, and stained with ink and coffee................

I really liked this Pat, it made me smile......which is a lot of emotion for me....haha

Nea said...

Something here for everyone, did you notice, we all see ourselves as paper, this really hit a cord...........another smile....

Second try, I am word verification challenged............