Friday, June 09, 2006

Keyboard Poem

My keyboard and I
stared at each other
with the same blank look,
we both were at a loss for words.
I suggested something about
my visit to the Doctor,
it backspaced
two clicks past the “D”.
Like a player piano
the keys typed out
Two beers later,
I agreed.


Anonymous said...

:):):) (And I'm sure Eric agrees)

Tim S said...


Joyce said...

I guess painter's block and writer's block much share a lot in common!

Joyce said...

Opps, error, I meant Must share a lot in common! Sorry.

mikaelah said...

I love a keyboard with a sense of humor!

Beverly said...

hahaha..very clever!!!

gautami tripathy said...



I key in and expunge
Words that gush unreservedly
from my earnest reflections

Too revealing in their
raw passion
and honest fervor

Sliding down my mind
decoded into letters
but exterminated by backspace.

polona said...

now that must the best poem about writers block i've read thus far! :)

Poetry by Kai said...

hehe....that poem is funny......

Russell Ragsdale said...

Klopjeighnvbdkeildnfd sounds like the name of a town in Denmark where writers with blocks go to drown their sorrows. Just great Pat! I know a place in Kazakhstan like that. You can get tasty Carlsburg AND Russian vodka too.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

3 or 4 more and you wouldn't care!

Borut said...

At a loss for words. If this were a prelude to silent knowledge, I would envy you, Pat. Good little poem anyway. By the way, posting from my new blog.

Pris said...

Sounds familiar:-)

Luanne said...

haha yeah, sounds familiar :) This is clever :) has your own trademark written all over it.

boulies said...

Fun piece Pat. I left a comment on "Untitled" Love it! And I read "Goodbye Bailey" It's powerful and sad I can hardly take it. I've been through those experiences too many times with our family members (aka dog several cats) and I couldn't or wouldn't bring myself to write about it. But you did it for me and expressed exactly what I've felt in my heart. Sorry I missed that at the time you posted it. I know I'm missing out on other gems. I better keep looking at your back posts.

floots said...

only two beers
you slipping
better do some serious training
nice one

dsnake1 said...

did the keyboard drink with you?

Pat Paulk said...

Yes I think Eric would agree!!

Tim, laughing is a good thing!!

I guess writer's and art blocks are better than colons.

Mikaelah, mine has a really warped sense of humor. Thanks for coming by!!

Thanks Beverly!!

Gautami, backspace is my best key! Enjoyed the poem!!

Polona, I think it was just a temporary respite.

Russell, I thought I recognized that name! Got a friend that used to smuggle in some good Polish Vodka. Now it's legal here in the States. Doesn't seem to taste as good.

Andrew, you are right!!

Thanks Borut!! Was wondering where you went.

Pris, mine usually comes from working too much. Wonder what the solution to that is???

Luanne, guess I'm a trademark kind of guy. Thank you!!

Thank you Boulies. I had mixed feelings about writing about my losses. I've never been attached to a dog before in my life. We had two I was very attached to. Lost both within a couple of months of each other. Both rescue's. Life isn't always "fun and games", is it?

DS, read your comment and laughed out loud. That might help!!

Floots, I confess I'm a light weight. But more practice may be in order.

Travis Jay Morgan said...

ooh, I liked this poem. Nice relationship with your keyboard. Very well written and creative.

Nea said...

I saw deep thought and maybe a tinge of worry.......I missed humor, I felt something different....but then maybe it is because I too have been visiting the Dr. and that is never a good thing.

Sherrie said...

your wit is intoxicating :)

Pat Paulk said...

Nea, it was really a writer's block poem. I sat down with an empty head (the beer didn't help), just stared at the keyboard like I expected it to just type away. Thanks for coming by.

Pat Paulk said...

Sherri, never be told I was intoxicating before. I'm going to wear that around for the rest of the day!! Thank you!!!

Merissa K. said...

if this is what a writer's block does to you, perhaps you should try it more often.