Monday, June 12, 2006

What’s Mine Is Mine

Tangling tongues swelled
into burning skin-seas,
flopping down exhausted
on orgasmic, moon-sweat cloth.
Star tines tingled
as they inhaled second-hand lust,
you whispered "again" and "again"
in my fountain-of-youth ear.
The linen canopy
that covered what we stole
was washed and tumbled dry,
but, that distance in your eyes
will always be mine.


bittersweet said...

*fans self*

Aurora said...

Writing more poems about your chiropractor, huh?

Poetry by Kai said...


Jon Cox said...


Poetry by Kai said...

oh i forgot to say
thank u

thank u

floots said...

love that final image
why do we hold intangibles so tightly :)

whitney said...

wow...This one is so intense...I'm not sure I'm old enough to read it.

Borut said...

Agree with Floots - that final image...

polona said...

love this one, intense imagery and another homerun ending...

Christine Klocek-Lim said...

Hmm, this is rather provocative. ;-)

Jon Cox said...

Thank you so much!!!! :o)

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I had that feeling of whether I should be watching or not! :)

Masago said...

...once again adjectives are put to work. :-)

sage said...

like your ending, "that distance in your eyes will always be mine"

mikaelah said...


texas haijin said...


Pris said...

Really a strong one, Pat. Lust and sadness combined. It sticks with me.

Don Iannone said...

"but, that distance in your eyes
will always be mine" ...wondeful closing lines. I really liked this poem.

Pat Paulk said...

Bittersweet, can't think of a better compliment, thank you!! Tried to leave a comment on your blog, but was unable to. Loved your poems!!

Not exactly...

Thank you Kai!!

Thanks Jon!!

Floots the older I get, it seems they're all I have.

Whitney, I certainly am not mature enough to write it. but I did.

Thanks Borut!!

Thank you Polona!! Never hit a homerun, struck out a bunch!!

Christine, I guess it is a little different than my norm, but I do have red blood pulsing through my veins, inspite of what AA believes. Thank you!!

Andrew, Whitney I believe, you have 4 kids, and they didn't happen in a dream.

Vaughn, they are the workhorses of poetry. Thank you!!

Thanks Sage!!

Mikaelah, nice comment!!

Thanks Dustin!

Thanks Pris! Could almost be a
C & W song.

Don, thank you!!

Tim S said...

Love the last 2 lines in particular.

Pat Paulk said...

Thanks Tim!!

Russell Ragsdale said...

WoW Pat! You seldom open this door for us but, now that you've let us have a peep, we hope you will let us in again sometime.

I'm glad I went hunting for this one. I gave my last finals Friday and am playing catch up on my blogging. What a beautiful, wistful trip down memory lane!