Monday, June 05, 2006

Hero du Jour

My back screamed
with a fiery tongue
when I used its muscle
to make me look strong.
I should’ve consulted it
before I went into action, but
a pretty lady was in need,
the perfect opportunity
to be hero du jour.
A “purple heart” wasn’t issued,
no camera flashes for cable news.
I just hobbled off the field of chivalry,
a prideful old fool,
nursing my wound.


Queen Neetee said...

Forget the "purple heart"! And, forget about the news! I'm here to tell you, despite the pain my friend, you are the Hero du Jour!

Anonymous said...


polona said...

sorry about that, pat... but great write nonetheless!

Anonymous said...

poor Pat :)

Poetry by Kai said...

are u ok? hope ur back is ok

Russell Ragsdale said...

Yup! We all have our flaws. Good write Pat!

whitney said...

Ha! I can just picture it. Silly, silly Pat.

floots said...

oh dear
you were so right so wrong
(i've done it too)
bad back
good poem
(is it a fair swap) :)

sage said...

good poem, we get into so much trouble trying to play the hero.

Sherrie said...

Hey, hero du jours are hard to find!
I enjoyed this one, Pat.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I have a hip that way. Not much reason for me to impress a woman, though. :)

boulies said...

You got me with "My back screamed with a fiery tongue" I needed to read no more as these great two opening lines were so satisfying. Of course I read on and found your whole poem to be excellent. But with backs which scream with fiery tongues on the loose, I'll keep looking over my shoulder!

Lukas Abrhm said...

i can honestly say i can relate...
only i was doing it for work.
don't do it again, pat.
you'll end up crippled like me.

Masago said...

*chuckle* (at this poem)

*L.O.L.* (at aurora's "sissy" comment)

Don Iannone said...

Love poems have that effect on me. LOL. Made me smile. Pat.

Pat Paulk said...

QNT, you flatter me to the point of blushing!! Thank you!

AA, how cheap. My "sex therapist" disagrees!!

Polona there are always consequences for stupidity. I'm old enough to know better. Thanks Polona!!

Ruthanne, contrary to "someone's" belief I'm pretty tough!!

Kai, I'm fine. Thank you for asking!

Yup Russell I have plenty!!!

Whitney it was pretty silly!!

Actually Floots it was surgery on my neck 3 years ago that started me writing again. So I guess without the bad back, I wouldn't be writing. Thanks!!

Sage trouble is something I'm very familiar with. I wear it well!! Thank you!!

Sherrie, glad you're back!! Thank you!!

Sorry about the hip Andrew. I guess you impress your wife??

Boulies, I always look forward to your comments. Thank you!!

Lukas, I think my problems are very minor in comparison. What happened?

Glad I made you laugh Vaughn. I say pooh on her "sissy" comment!!

Thanks Don!

Lukas Abrhm said...

i worked 61 days straight with a 120 lb jackhammer, digging a 4 foot deep trench in bedrock. on day 61, my back quit. they can't seem to find what's really wrong, just a mass on one of my discs.
basically can't lift/bend/twist/walk without a cane.
this is exactly how i imagined being 25 would be.
but you have to smile, because no matter what, life is smiling at you.

Pat Paulk said...

Lukas what are they doing?

Nea said...

haha........and they say chivalry is dead, it isn't dead, it is just nursing its wounds....