Monday, September 18, 2006

Born To Bear

How fast I changed
when I heard my first cuss word,
and knew what it was.
I rolled it from cheek to cheek
like hard candy, savoring
the juice as it slid
sweetly down my throat.
There was never a thought not to use it,
only contemplation of how and when.
Then, as if, a hangmen holding a noose,
I placed it around the neck of innocence,
and without hesitation
executed the sentence I was born to bear.


floots said...

too %&***£"! true :)

MB said...

The image of hard candy is very effective... the word play, too.

(I love that Floots even deletes his expletives in British.)

mikaelah said...


this poem really nips it!

Joyce said...

Yeah, I know what you mean!

samuru999 said...

That's a good one Pat!!
It it chocolate n marshmallows at your place tonight?
If so... I'll be over soon!!!

samuru999 said...

I meant hot chocolate n marshmallows!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

Pretty damn good poem! :)

Russell Ragsdale said...

WOW!!!! The last four lines are miraculous! I hung my head and cried for us all. Such a fatal moment of loss!!!!

Borut said...

I felt a shiver running through me when reading this one, and the one before - the red barons. Some say, and I believe it - having my own experience in this matter, that such shiver is, or can be, a sign of the ecstatic state of one's soul triggered by reading a powerful poem. You made me feel ecstatic, Pat. Thank you!:))

Don Iannone said...

My word Patrick! Where is that bar of soap?

Amalendu said...

made me inQUIZitive...i

Poetry by Kai said...

good one

polona said...


gabby said...

Love this one... Can picture you lurking around just waiting for the opportunity to use your new word..

chuck said...

A youngster with a cussword: the beginning of Knowledge-- "ouch".

Masago said...

Ai yai yai! Shucks, gosh, goolly, gee whiz...
Another great one! Lookin' forward to your %"$**@!* (flipping) book.

Pat Paulk said...

Was for me!!

MB, it was pretty much exactly what I did. Thank you ma'am!!

Mikaelah, I hope nipping is a good thing?

Joyce, I guess we all do if we're honest.

Thank you Margie!! Thought you were coming over for cocoa and marshmallows...

Andrew, thank you very *%$# much!!

Russell, such a small act, with BIG consequences. Thank you!!

Borut, thank you for such a wonderful compliment!!

Don, I've had that done before!! Didn't help, just made me blow bubbles when I cussed!!

Shyamalee, I guess I got more inquisitive about somethings than I should've.

Thanks Kai!!

Polona, I love it when I get your WOW's!! Love the new photo too!!

Learned one or two more since, didn't I Gabby!!

Chuck, with my siblings it was the only knowledge I was ever going to get.

Vaughn, guess I'm too lazy to go out and publish one on my &^%$#@ own. Thank you!!

Nea said...

Grab the soap.......... :)