Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Summer’s Farewell

My Crepe Myrtle has bloomed,
she put on white gloves
for Summer’s farewell Ball.

The grass is swaggering
with bellies full of rain,
reaching for bristling whiskers
hanging from the Sun.

Holly's need a few inches off the top,
weeds are enjoying
a momentary sprout of luck.

Bradford Pears are holding hands
with plump old lady oak, like
a guardian of two skinny-trunk waifs
window shopping for Fall coats.


MB said...

A fanciful look at the changing seasons! Are you going to wear a suit for this occasion, too?

jel said...

man you can write,

love the lasted 4 lines!

have agreat day!

samuru999 said...

Love this one!
especialy these lines

The grass is swaggering
with bellies full of rain
reaching for bristling whiskers
hanging from the Sun.

Your poetry is such a treat!
Thank you Pat!

Cathy said...

I am so sad that the summer has gone, more than any other.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

Beautiful! Great description!

Jon Cox said...

Oh Wonderful!!! Great work as always! :o)

Masago said...

Some great seasonal wordsmithing!

floots said...

great picture of a garden and a season
loved it

Nea said...

I was just looking across my yard today, and thinking, autumn is coming, and it is time to prune away for the fall.

I loved this.......of course

Amalendu said...

loved it...

Don Iannone said...

I can picture this, Pat. Good one!

Osquer said...

I can picture the lovely Ms. Myrtle dropping a curtsey in acknowledgement of your complimentary description and dancing on the breeze!

mikaelah said...

what images!!! Pears holding hands and the Myrtle wearing white gloves ... Holly needing a hair cut ... great images! I expect the Ents will arrive any minute.

Janet said...


And my hollies need a bit of trimming as well. The crepe myrtles have had a particularly good blooming season this year.