Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Growing Mess

God’s pipes are leaking again,
water is dripping everywhere,
and I don’t have any buckets.
The lawn is slushy wet,
the cul-de-sac is drooling,
like a one year old sprouting teeth.
Aren’t there any plumbers in Heaven?
No do-it-yourself, Home Depot angels?
I’d volunteer to lend a hand, but
it’s better if I hang around
to clean up the growing mess.


samuru999 said...

Wow! Pat!
That is some poem!
"God's pipes are leaking again"
Love it!

Masago said...

Whine, whine, whine...(just kidding) :-)

Good one.

Osquer said...

"the cul-de-sac is drooling,
like a one year old sprouting teeth" Great description!

Medusa aka expiringpoet said...

I'm imagining you with yellow plastic boots and holding a mop! Overall, great picture :)

It's nice to be back and reading your stuff again Pat. Definitely miss this !

jel said...

wish they would leaking some over here , our ponds are bout dry!

cool poem!

Poetry by Kai said...

good one

Joyce said...

I like the humour in this one!

Hototogisu said...

an incontinence problem, pat? god ... not you. ;-)

NINANINA said...

like a drooling baby's mouth. oi!
your metaphors put weird visions in my head. :)

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

Good one!
("like a one year old sprouting teeth." - come to my house and you can see it. :) )

Cathy said...

Now I know that poetry can psring from everything; even a pipe leak :)

floots said...

you are more eloquent about it than i have been
i just been a cussin' and a squelchin' :)

Nea said...

Don't turn it off or fix those pipes yet......I am enjoying the drizzle......and it does appear to be clean water.......or clean enough.

Amalendu said...

Anything I will say would fade away in front of this eloquent poem...
Very well said Pat...

Pat Paulk said...

Margie, thank you!!

Vaughn, I'm told I'm very good at whining. Of course I don't think so.

Thank you Osquer!!

Medusa, it's nice to have you back!! Thank you!! Boots are black rubber, raincoat and hat are yellow.

Thank you Kai!!

Thanks Joyce!!

Karasu, of sorts, but it was sorely needed.

Nina,I can deal with weird.

Andrew, thank you, but I've served my time in the baby department. Have fun!!

Cathy, it can!!

Floots, we've been fairly dry, so I'll keep my mutterings well under my breath. Thanks!!

Nea, I guess clean as we're, probably, ever going to get it. My grass is enjoying a warm dry in the sun this morning.

Shyamalee, your kind comments will never fade away!! Thank you!!

whispers said...

I have read this and read it again and found I have dwelt on the picture I have built up while reading it.

Sincerely wonderful the way with words you have.

steve said...

Those are some pipes!