Friday, September 15, 2006

Sugar Water Relief

I hung a second
Humming bird feeder,
and within minutes
doubled the number
we’ve been seeing.
Were they hiding in the trees?
Have they been sending subliminal messages,
and after a month I finally understood?
Guess, I’m the U.N. of sugar water relief,
amazing what something to eat will do.


floots said...

nice one pat
hang a few cans of guinness
in the tree
and you could see me there :)

samuru999 said...

Great poem Pat
love these lines guess I'm the U.N of sugar water relief
amazing what something to eat will do.

You are amazing!

Plus Ultra said...

There is pair of humming birds who have made my garden their home...I see them all the time, from now on they will remind me of my friend Pat...lovely!

jel said...

i love watching the hummers fly around, this is a good one pat!

you sure are a nice guy !
to care about the little birdies :)

{Minion} said...
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{Minion} said...

we don't have humming birds round here, just bloody fat pigeons, in fact, i'm suprised they can fly.

Nice piece though :)

steve said...

There's been one about here the last month or so - I've tried to get a photo but it's up and over the next house in seconds...maybe need to try sugar...they must burn it up pretty fast!!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I really need to get ours out. I miss seeing them.

whispers said...

I agree with samuru99

Guess, I’m the U.N. of sugar water relief,
amazing what something to eat will do.

Nicely put.

Love the poems I have read so far, definately back to read more.

Poetry by Kai said...

good poem

Joyce said...

I love those little birds! I see you do too.

C said...

That's great.

texas haijin said...

enjoyed, pat.

dsnake1 said...

we don't have humming birds here, only pigeons and magpies and crows,
and songbirds in cages.

you're a kind man, pat!

Masago said...

Brilliant...interesting observation, how true!

Masago said...
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Don Iannone said...

Our hummers are headed south...maybe a stop off in Atlanta at your house. Feed them well.

Pat Paulk said...

Floots, I keep taking them out, but they're empty by the time I get to the tree.

Margie, you are too kind!!

Plus, thank you very much!!

Jel, I'm not sure they agree.

Minion, we have bloody fat Doves, getting fatter and fatter eating the thistle I put out for the Gold Finches.

Steve, I read they have to eat every 15 minutes to supoort their metabolism. Tried last night to get some pictures, just not fast enough.

Andrew, I say out last night and had the best time watching their aerial antics.

Whispers, thank you!!

Thank you Kai!!

Joyce, watching the birds and the deer (when they come out where we can see them) are my favorite things to do in the late afternoon.

Thanks C!!

Thanks Dustin!!

Dsnake, can I get you to write a reference letter to a "couple" of people I know?? Thank you!!

Thanks Vaughn!!

Don, they better bring weapons if they're going to horn in on the hummers around here! They do not play well together!!