Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Duets With Dust

He’s wearing sunglasses
and holding a plastic saxophone,
a red silk shirt and no pants;
whiskers protrude from his snout
like arms on an old TV antennae.
It’s a stuffed animal, of course, with
a “press-here” button in the empty paw
that makes him bump and grind,
and toot a tune that’s irritating as hell.
A jazz rat playing duets with dust,
limited engagements, as I allow.


david santos said...

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JaneDoughnut said...

Oh, god. Have you ever had to work retail with a million of these things? It's enough to drive you nuts. Needless to say, I shall never own one.

Wanda said...

I love the limited engagements...
We have a bag of those left over from grandchildren...
Very cute!

Masago said...

Lovely...I almost got something like that last Christmas (with a white beard and doing the twist).

trinitystar said...

Do we get to see this rooting tooting Jazz playing rat.

Janice Thomson said...

Friends can be cruel at buying the loudest and noisiest toys for kids...must be payback of some kind LOL...loved the imagery Pat.

polona said...

a thing like this wouldn't last a minute in my place. oh well...
but it makes for great poetry :)

floots said...

playing duets with dust
wonderful phrase
(albeit a bit too close to home the way i feel some days) :)

firebird said...

"a red silk shirt and no pants"--
such an image! to stop me dead in my tracks (until I read on, of course)

Hey, that dancing rat sounds adorable...can I borrow him?
I just bought "Billy the Bigmouth Bass" (remember him?)at a yard sale last year, I'm proud to have him on my wall! (I know I'm weird)

gautami tripathy said...

Someone played a joke and gifted me one of those. My youngest nicked it from me. I was so glad to let it go.

a “press-here” button in the empty paw
that makes him bump and grind,
and toot a tune that’s irritating as hell"

I can just hear it..:D

bre32 said...


dsnake1 said...

can i get to know the rat? :D