Friday, May 18, 2007

A Special Rose

Roses are the most common
floral expression of love.
Six for $9.95 at Kroger
says as much as $29.95
at the florist shop with
the little bell that thanks you
for coming in and going out.
Twenty bucks is a lot to pay
to say your welcome to a bell.
But, for someone more special
than common can convey,
the first ray of morning sun,
cut diagonally above its fiery roots,
is the only stem and pedestal
that can hold my thoughts of you.


sage said...

I love the part: "the ray first ray of morning sun cut diagonall above its firey roots" Great job, I hope the poem melted her heart (I'm reminded of why men write poetry according to Garrison Keillor).

Margie said...

Hi Pat
Hope all is well with you!
I've miised some great poems here...just got caught up on them.

Love this one!
Have a great weekend!

Janice Thomson said...

Gosh Pat, love the last lines of this...excellent wording.

mikaelah said...

you got that right!
I love flowers and men that know about them!

polona said...

i like roses but will take the morning sunray any time :)
great job!

Don Iannone said...


Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I like Pat's poem,
And so do you.

JaneDoughnut said...

That's beautiful.
Roses are beautiful, too, but have far less personality than your words.

Masago said...


firebird said...

Such romance! Breathtaking...
and I'll bet no-one has written these lines before you--
not an easy feat when it comes to love poems...

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

Only you can use Kroger and romance and still make it work! :)

floots said...

beautifully done pat

Beaman said...

Enjoyable read. Very romantic indeed. Nicely written.

jel said...


Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Such romance !!

A rose to you, no make that an armful.

Carol said...

Your poem might get you off buying the roses. Maybe...

gautami tripathy said...

It starts off in a cynical note, ending with a depth of feeling.

Nea said...

Always so original..... :) nnd rather romantic, don't you think. :)

Pat Paulk said...

Sage,I hope so too!! Thanks!!

Thanks Margie for stopping by. Hope you start writing again soon.

Thanks Janice!!

Mikaelah, I do love my flowers. thanks!!

Thanks Polona!! I will too.

Don, thanks for the "flowery" poem!!

Thank you very much Jane!!

Thanks Vaughn!!

Vivian, I don't usually write them, but I guess the muse was in a strange mood. Thank you!!

Thanks Andrew!!

Thanks Floots!!

Beaman, thanks!!

Janice, almost as sweet as your coffee!!

Corey, every one has been placed in the beats of my heart.

Carol, I'm not that lucky. But, I don't mind buying them, I get to enjoy them too.

Gautami, I wasn't sure that was going to work, but, I think it came off ok. Thanks!!

Nea, I think!!

Pris said... loving and lovely!

bre32 said...


tongue in cheek said...

everyone rose in the beat of your heart!
How romantic
I'll send a truckload.