Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Feet Don’t Fail Me Now

Calories stormed the walls
of mouth and teeth
under cover of fried chicken,
mashed potatoes and gravy.
They compromised my tongue
with unholy bribes of taste,
repelling down the throat
into a warm sea of Belly Bulge.
They're intent on colonizing
the outer territory of my waistline,
but I’ll damn their venture
with the lapping flames of my feet.


Janice Thomson said...

Too good Pat! I loved this - especially the lines 'They're intent on colonizing
the outer territory of my waistline,'...it's just so descriptive!

Katie McKenna said...

ha ha.. that's so funny! Such a compliment to a simple yet, I expect, tasty affair. :) I can see exercise in my horizon simply from digesting your words!

floots said...

now look what you've done
those damn calories have found their way across the atlantic :)
nice one pat

jel said...

i miss real food! :(

Pearl said...

lol, "unholy bribes of taste"

Colonizing the ribcage was not authorized by anything I said and yet squatters.

polona said...

it's cold comfort to know i'm not the only one with squatters in the waistline...
great stuff, pat!

Masago said...

Go guy!

sage said...

great poem Pat-a battle in which we're all engaged

sometime I'll have to write about my dislike of the Braves--it has something to do with having World Series tickets in 91 and 92--for Pittsburgh and the Series wasn't there because of a team from Atlanta

steve said...

:) a battle for sure!

Carol said...

Sounds like good advice...belly bulge indeed...

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I was going to go get something to eat before I go to bed, but I think I'm not now. :)

trinitystar said...

she lol ... :o)

middle age spreading of calories ?

written voize said...

ahahaha what a tasty poem. Too bad it changes the waistline but it was good getting there. Good piece, I enjoyed it!

dsnake1 said...

ah, i see you got trapped at KFC again. :)

Pat Paulk said...

And all too true. Thank Janice!!

Katie, I walk and walk and eat and eat. somethings gotta give. Thank you!!

Floots, the Beatles and rock and roll were great, but take the calories back!! Thanks!!

Janice, unfortunately I don't.

Pearl, they are squatters and they refuse to leave. Cutting off the flow just seems to simple, must be another way. Thank you!!

Polona, not you too!! Wanna rub squatters?? My mind refuses to come out of the gutter this morning, oh well. Thank you!!

Vaughn ,I do, but, the calories don't.

Ahhhhh Sage, you was a poor little Pirates fan. We all have our hangups. Thanks!!

Steve, it is, and I'm losing!! Thanks!!

Carol, tis true, tis true. I love ice cream and beer. Not mixed of course. Thanks!!

Andrew you could end up looking like me. That should scare you away from the frig.

Trinitystar, middle aged?? I'm officially a senior citizen. Got a .52 discount at the grocery store yesterday. More like old age sag.

Written voize thanks for coming by and commenting. Twas tasty indeed.

Dsnake, not even that delicious, a frozen TV dinner. I'm on the hard stuff.

firebird said...

Mmmm--you're making me HUNGRY!!
Fried chicken was the only thing that could tempt me off my meat-free diet--even frozen fried chicken was hard to give up...

I love the title of this poem!
(and all these terrific images)
More power to you-- working those muscles is good for the brain chemistry, too!