Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mercy Of Clorox

It’s laundry day,
and I have a basket full.
There are blue jeans I wore
when the weather turned cool, shirts
still sweaty from last week’s walks.
Bras and panties (not mine of course)
and a pair of defenseless briefs,
even Clorox can’t absolve.


Picture of beauty girl 9x said...

hello bạn nhé

floots said...

washing your dirty laundry in public takes on a whole new meaning :)
cheers pat

trinitystar said...

she lol ... nice one Pat ... nice one Floots

Katie McKenna said...

laughing at Floot's comment!

You have that amazing talent of changing one's view on the most mundane chores!

I do smile! Thank you!

jel said...

I was going to say somthing like that , but floots bet me to it!

Janice Thomson said...

Whatever will you think of next? LOL

polona said...

oh well... floots beat us all with his comment :)
can't be bad if it makes me laugh :)

sage said...

I like that twist at the end.

tongue in cheek said...

Oh! I don't think I would share my dirty laundry...but then again who knows?
If they are that bad Pat...maybe you need to plant them instead.

Masago said...

Amusing...glad the panties and bras weren't yours (at least you're not admitting).

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I have a mental picture that I don't want! :)

Pat Paulk said...

Picture of Beauty, hello!!

Floots, my muse has a real sick sense of humor, sometimes. Thanks!!

Thanks Trinitystar!!

Katie, when your world is mundane you have to do something to make it entertaining. Thanks!!

Thanks Janice!!

Janice, something unrelated to this!! thank you!!

Polona, some would laugh at the idea of me doing laundry. Thanks!!

Thanks Sage!! It was meant to be left open.

Corey, I can't image you have any dirty laundry. I don't think I'd want to see what sprouts from those.

Vaughn, well one never knows...

Andrew, beats the real thing!!

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

Ah now this one made me feel guilty, my pile (of washing) grows by the minute weekend parent of three teenagers blues boo hoo

Sue hardy-Dawson said...


Nea said...

yeh, right.........bra and panties.......

now you can wear anything you want to with those blue jeans......just kiddin