Monday, May 07, 2007

Sun Puppies

Shadows scamper around my yard
like a fuzzy litter of frisky pups.
They yip and nip at a passing breeze,
stirring up the ire of jealous, old pansies.

Darting in and out between legs of light,
a mother that protects her paw-less heirs.
They nuzzle and nurse on sagging rays
growing taller and stronger by end of day.

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floots said...

nice one pat
loved those frisky shadow pups
(enjoyed the reading too - i've given up on odeo as i'm too much of a luddite to be able to work it) :)

polona said...

you're on a roll, pat, aren't you!
love the imagery and the rhythm. great read, too :)

Inconsequential said...


trinitystar said...

Wonderful imagery in this one Pat.

love this line

They nuzzle and nurse on sagging rays

steve said...

I like all the 'z' sounds - and the clear strong ending.

Masago said...

Vividly portrayed.

gautami tripathy said...

Great imagery.

sage said...

you're talented

Don Iannone said...

Love those sun puppies. Great one Patm

Janice Thomson said...

Pat this is wonderful! the imagery in the line "yip and nip at a passing breeze,"

Sue hardy-Dawson said...