Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Maximum Capacity Twelve

Instead of a graduation ceremony,
from the hallowed halls of politician “U”,
the graduates bow before the altar of
“all sides of any issue”, and flick
their tongues through “tickle your ear” blades
of cheap plastic—donated of course, shredders.
Now don’t get weepy eyed, and
pressurizing your veins with sympathy,
all feelings and intelligent thought
have been disconnected from their brains.
They also get to carry one home
in case any of the flapping strands
start bonding together in an honest opinion.


Masago said...

...and how quickly their collected knowledge disconnects from their brains. :-)

Janice Thomson said...

Oh yeah, too good Pat...love those last lines. Same everywhere isn't it.

polona said...

ohhh... same thing the world over...

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

Hear hear! I've really gotten down on politics this time through. Money, money, and money. It's no different than some cheap game show. Shallow...

Carol said...

Hey, if you can write that then the meme I've tagged you with will be easy!
Yep, you heard write, YOU've been tagged...

You better warn your friends.

floots said...

i'm with polona

jel said...

Morning Friend!

have a great day!

Pris said...

Oh yes...a good one, Pat.

Don Iannone said...

I think we should call you "Pat, the Pundit." Well done and thanks for the humor tinged with truth.

gautami tripathy said...

Very satirical and hard hitting. And has a common chord for all over the world.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

By the way -- you asked about my book: it will be out around August or September. I got the final draft today and it looks good. It goes to the layout people now.

Pat Paulk said...

Vaughn that's a fact. Zero times 535 (in this country) is still zero.

Janice they are a species unto themselves. Thank you!!

Polona they are.

Andrew, shallow is a very apt description. Like you I am sick of them all!!

Carol, I will in the next couple of days. Been busy trying to get ready to go on vacation.

Floots, I thought you was in Scotland??

Thanks Janice, I hope you did!!

Thanks Pris. The poem isn't so hot, but, the elections not until next year and I am fed up with the bastards!!

Thanks Don!! No pundit am I. Shoot them too!!

Thanks Gautami. Democracy has its cancer. But, I believe it's better than dictatorship. Guess I should stop my whining.

Andrew, I'll be looking forward to it. You da man!!

sage said...

You a political poet Pat? Or is all poetry political?

Pat Paulk said...

Sage if it is, I hope it's politically incorrect. Be careful or have fun with the bears!!

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

Politically incorect, is there any other kind?