Thursday, May 31, 2007

Forbidden Fruit

I know right and wrong,
admittedly, wrong better than right.
When I choose what I know I shouldn’t,
pangs of guilt like Ninja warriors
spider-crawl from the pit of my stomach—
they thrive in dark, smelly places,
throwing their poison tipped shuriken
at every thought milling about ear to ear.
Likewise, on the rare occasion when I squeeze
my fat belly through the eye of a needle,
angels shake off dust from a closet in my brain,
and leap to sparks that gleam in my eyes.
Now, that I’ve shown I’m familiar with both,
why do I want what I can’t have?


jel said...

you said it!

floots said...

cos you're human i guess :)
but we still keep asking the question
nicely expressed pat

polona said...

ditto floots

the grass is always greener on the other side...

boulies said...

Maybe the feeling of guilt keep us all in check. I know I'm addicted to it.
Very thought provoking Pat.
Thank you!

JaneDoughnut said...

shuriken: traditional Japanese weapon.

I learned something new today!

Janice Thomson said...

Well-said Pat and when you find the answer could you let us know? :)

Masago said...

Self 1, Conscience 0
*No contest*

Andrew The Asshole said...

Its human nature to want what you can't have... you feel that you are getting away with something... and of course it always comes full circle.

Carol said...

Law of our nature, Pat.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I guess we're all that way. :)

sage said...

the battle against the forbidden! A good poem.

Pat Paulk said...

Jancie, an ongoing battle with self.

Floots, Maybe too much so...thanks!!

Polona, you are right. Thanks!!

Boulies it's probably the most common of addictions. We pass it on from generation to generation. But, without it where would we be...thank you!!

Jane, I learned it yesterday myself.

Janice, I don't think there is an answer. But, I've never been good at answers. Thanks!!

Vaughn, self wins too many.

Andrew, what is sweet to the taste becomes bitter to live with. Thanks for coming by!!

Carol, one I break quite often.

Andrew, I think we are.

Sage, kind of like fighting bears...

Don Iannone said...

Good one Pat. I liked it.

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

It's because it's always so much better than the stuff you can, I mean who ever heard of anyone mounting a midnight rade on the fridge and gorging themselves on lettuce or drinking themselves sober or being told by their doctor they were far too active,but it's worth remembering no one can hang you for your dreams they're callory alcahol and murder free and no-one will know unless you tell them

Lainey said...

We've talked about this
wink, wink

gautami tripathy said...

"when I squeeze
my fat belly through the eye of a needle,
angels shake off dust from a closet in my brain,
and leap to sparks that gleam in my eyes."

Those lines reverberated!!

Katie McKenna said...

Wonderfully written Pat! Why? :)

tongue in cheek said...

How about a small bite.
The forbidden fruit
the taste of honey
and the sting on a bee.

Nea said...

alas, is not the grass much greener on the other side of every fence? tis but human nature, nothing is more enticing than something just beyond our reach......

Pat Paulk said...

Thanks Don!!

Sue my belly can't keep it's mouth shut. Thanks!!

Doc, we have, haven't we!!

Gautami,thanks!! Takes awhile for those scrape marks to heal.

Thanks Katie!! Good question.

Corey, don't think I could take just one small bite...