Sunday, May 06, 2007

On The Road

Sunday Morning CBS reviewed
every movie
coming out for ‘07 summer release.

Some, seemed exciting enough
the allure of chocolate boogers.

My girlfriend watches this show
church, as it were, with inspired commercials.

I always sit scratching hair off my thoughts,
wondering if
Charles Kuralt ghost writes the show.


Pris said...

Chocolate boogers???

Pat, you're a riot! Only a fellow southerner would think of that lol.

polona said...

enjoyed this one (had to look up charles kuralt, though)

Masago said...

scratching hair off my thoughts???

Pat, you're a riot! LOL

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

too much TV! :)

floots said...

familiar to me
i feel the same when my wife watches desperate housewives :)

Katie McKenna said...

lol... I vaguely remember watching a TV show.... :) Going to a movie theatre takes me further back!

gautami tripathy said...

Too much scratching might make you go bald...:D

Nancy said...

made me smile 'chocolate boogers' and 'scratching my hair off'
love your work

Janice Thomson said...

"I always sit scratching hair off my thoughts,..." I love this line Pat...such wonderful imagery.

Pat Paulk said...

Pris, I wonder why that is?? Thank you!!

Polona,a household name here, I think. Thanks!!

et tu Vaughn?? Thanks!!

Andrew, you're probably right.

Mine watches that one also. I refuse to watch it. Thanks!!

Katie, like Andrew said, I watch too much TV. Thanks!!

Gautami, already thinning on top.

Thank you Nancy!! I had to have something to do while watching the show.

Thanks Janice, that's my favorite line too. I think the rest of it could use some more work.

sage said...

"Scratching hair off my thoughts," that must be my problem. I miss Charles Kuralt, a good ole Carolina boy

Don Iannone said...

Good one. I had the comment as Pris...chocolate boogers? Yum.

daisies said...

this made me giggle ... hee hee

tongue in cheek said...

chocolate boogers?
I couldn't read on? It made me laugh. I am still laughing.