Thursday, May 18, 2006

Meaningful Relationship

We threw words
like tossed shots
of bad vodka;
they didn’t need to mingle
with sensible tastes,
gullet and belly
were the places for fire.
Tomato juice and celery,
Worcestershire and salt,
weren't required mixers,
we supplied the blood.


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

that's really interesting! I like how you have mixed it all together - -I had to read it twice, though, until I really appreciated what you were saying -- good work!

Masago said...

Wow! I agree with J. Andrew. Magnificent!

Aurora said...

Hey, this is good!

Jon Cox said...

I REALLY like this one!!!

Russell Ragsdale said...

Nicely tactile. Great stuff Pat!

Borut said...

Bloody mixture. A hell of a thing.:)

Lukas Abrhm said...

this makes me thirsty.
but can i have a little lemon pepper with mine?
because i've sat at this bar enough to know what this means.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Ah, properly written words have such power.

Poetry by Kai said...

ah a way with words.....

happy friday!

Poetry by Kai said...

hey pat,

i've been doing all my life....
have a good weekend!


Inkblot said...

hits home. lovely!

floots said...

like this one
you've taught me something new
there is such a thing as bad vodka
(i always thought that was an oxymoron) :)

iamnasra said...

Glad to be here with really hard working and see so famouse poet

polona said...

wow! a whole new meaning to bloody mary... great stuff!

Amy said...

ah, man i love these lines
We threw words
like tossed shots
of bad vodka

Queen Neetee said...

Gosh, this is such a smart piece.

I love the way you've created the smooth transitions between such perfect analogies.

I really enjoy this excellent poem.

boulies said...

Pat, love how you ended this, like a great punch line to this very effective, energetic little feud.

steve said...

it just has to get well beyond being polite, doesn't it? well expressed!

Pat Paulk said...

Andrew glad you enjoyed this!

Thanks Vaughn!

Thank you Aurora!

Jon, thank you!!

Thanks Russell!

Yes, Borut it is!!

Lukas we all have our own special BM mix. Lemon pepper sounds good though!

Properly mixed bloody Mary does too!!Thanks J. Cosmo!!

Thank you Kai!!

Thanks for stopping by Inkblot!!

Floots, I probably should've used the word cheap, but it's pretty over used, so I went with bad.

Iamnasra, Aurora is pretty famous, but we let her hang out with us anyway!! Thanks for coming by!!

Yes, Polona it is, but it doesn't change the medicinal qualities of one properly made!!

Amy, thank you very much!!

QNT, always love reading your comments!! Thanks!!

Boulies, that little feud lasted 8 years, and didn't end very nice. Made if we'd have spent more on Vodka...

Thanks Steve!! Polite was never an issue.

bre said...

Interesting concoction of words.

bre said...

Strange what images this can conjour up...I like.

Nea said...

tentative nervous giggle, not knowing if I should laugh or cry..........hmmmmmmmmmmmm so who cleaned up the mess?