Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Scratching My Beard

I think I offended you,
but never meant to.
My fingers punch keys
that aren’t always
connected to my brain.
I would cut the rascals
down to nubs, and
end their quick-click-vulgarity,
but then,
I wouldn’t have them
to scratch my beard,
and wonder
what it was I said.


Masago said...

Wasn't sure where this was going...nice witty conclusion!

Borut said...

God is scratching his beard… Man is scratching his beard…

Poetry by Kai said...

great poem

steve said...

Need to hang on to those digits...various scratchings can aid the thinking process!

Liked "quick-click"

polona said...

what a great way to say "i'm sorry"!

Lukas Abrhm said...

i coulda sworn beard scratching is what breads were for.

Lukas Abrhm said...

wow..now i know how badly sleep deprivation messes with me..
38 hours is a tad much.
time to see tha doctor.

i meant fingers i believe..not bread.

illusion said...


floots said...

i idenrify with all of this - including the beard-scratching

Nea said...

Ah to be free of the never ending need of some to be offended. Maybe I have just gotten to old to know when I am being offended, or just don't care any more, but life is to short, so I prefer to just make a joke. It is now quite impossible to offend me. :):)

OH NO a word verification. I am word verification challenged......

Pat Paulk said...

Vaughn I confess I wasn't sure either, but then, I never am. Thanks!!

Borut I think God scratching is more productive than man scratching.

Thank you Kai!!

Thanks Steve, they do come in handy for one or two other things.

Thank you Polona! Just think what I could do if I knew what I did!!

Lukas, thanks!! Glad you clarified. Had me really scratching!

Floots, by the time you get to be our age, we've scratched alot of things! I'll leave it at that.

Well Nea, you beat the word verification!! Yes ma'am it just isn't worth it!! Thank you!!

Luanne said...

could relate with most of this lovely piece. wel,, except the beard scratching of course :)

nice one pat, very witty :)

ardi k said...

Yeah. Happens too often to me too. Better I cut out my tongue, but the pain is too great either way. At least we have these nubs yet peck out appologies. Poetry is good for that. You do it well, Pat.

Pat Paulk said...

Luanne,beard scratching is a practiced art!! Thank you!!

Ardi K, easy on the tongue!! Thank you!!