Monday, May 29, 2006

Weather Balloon

The air was still and quiet,
but hung heavy, like
an over-filled water balloon
cocked in the arm
of a six year old general.
Humidity doesn’t care
if you’re a poet, jogger,
worm-grubbing-beast or gardener,
it has one shot everyday,
and today’s was
a shirt-soaking bulls eye!


Poetry by Kai said...

write about everything.....
great poem

whitney said...

Ha! This one really made me smile!

Beverly said...

Humidity in Georgia..I have been there..I am an Alabama girl!
Beautiful you are a poet that works in construction?..that is cool..
At my site, check out WildGrace..two poets from Australia and I love them!

Jon Cox said...

Hello My Friend! :o)
How are you? I love the comment you left me, thank you soo much!! :o)

Nea said...

haha, you got that right. I spend just long enough outside today to get soaking wet each time......I came in turned the air conditioning even colder, and said to heck with the bill.......I need some cool....

Maddy said...

my don loved this one!!!!
i read it to him and he
ran out to get his water gun!!!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

same as here! got up to 100 and I had to have lost weight with sweat!
Pat, I think we live in the south to have something to complain about - :)

Ryan said...

That poem is no consolation for the drenching rain here in Saskatchewan.

ardi k said...

six year old gereral
shirt-soaking bulls eye

love it

Luanne said...

haha fun pat, I like this! :)

air is really humid also, walking feels like swimming!

take care sir :)

floots said...

great write
i too loved the "general" image

gautami tripathy said...

I can relate. Its so humid in Delhi!

Shubhodeep said...

amazing! this poem seems to rhyme even though its in free verse.

sage said...

somehow the idea of a "general" reminded me of Memorial Day--which are usually hot and humid in the south

Pat Paulk said...

Kai, there maybe a poem in your comment. Thank you!!

And a great smile you have Whitney!! Thank you!!

Beverly. being from Al. you know humidity very well. Thanks for stopping by. I will check them out!!

Jon, I'm wonderful! You're welcome!

Nea, exactly!!!!

Maddy, tell him to shooooot me!!!! Glad he liked it!!

Andrew, you maybe right!But I don't complain in the Winter.

Ryan, no, I don't guess it would be. Thanks for stopping by!

Thanks Ardi. couldn't think of anything more anxious to release than a six year old with a water balloon.

Luanne, 'tis the time of year. Glad I made you laugh. Laughing is always good!!

Thanks Floots!

Gautami, I've heard that. Thanks for coming by again!

Shubhodeep, thank you for the compliment. Some flow better than others.

Sage, hadn't thought of the Memorial Day connection, but you're right. And yes it is!!

Homo Escapeons said...

Hey Paul,
You really captured that wet blanket for me, but it was so light.
I had a real Norman Rockwell moment with the 6 year old general.

Borut said...

You are a story-weaver. Creating out of nothing. A real gift.

polona said...

i wish we had some of that heat (but you could keep the humidity, though)... it's been raining for two days here and the temperatures have dropped down to 7 celsius (i assure you that's very very cold for this time of year), even got some more snow in the mountains.

Poetry by Kai said...

thank u.....

boulies said...

I had to read this twice because I'm so spoiled by the Calif. coast; at first I didn't get it. Now I feel like I'm in Atlanta right next to you. Excellent poem! I agree with Floots, really liked the general image. Bravo! I also left a comment on your last poem which is truly powerful!

Jon Cox said...

I REALLY like this one!!

Masago said...

Nice last line!

steve said...

I'm remembering summers in S. Carolina...

Don Iannone said...

Often poems poke at you with a feeling, causing you to free associate beyond the obvious.

Humidity...water-filled air....lungs to it reverse evolution.

dsnake1 said...

what a creative way to write about humidity!

It's just as bad over here in the tropics.

Jon Cox said...

Thank you soooo much!!! :o)

Pincushion said...

You have this unique ability to see a poem in everything! Awesome :))

Beverly said...

Okay Pat, write us another one to read...

Pris said...

ohhhh..can relate to this one! Well done!

Tim S said...

Love the six year old general, very humorous poem. Thanks so much for your recent visit and feedback: it is valued.

Pat Paulk said...

Homo Escapeons, thanks for coming by and commenting.

Borut, what a wonderful compliment, thanks!!

Polona anything in single digits has to be cold. Thank you!!

Kai, you're very welcome!!

Boulies, as I'm late in commenting, today isn't too bad. High in the low 80's. Love your comments thank you!!

Jon, thank you!!

Vaughn, thanks!!

Steve, I just got through working over there this week. I assure you it hasn't changed!!

Don, we can't get away from water, no matter what direction we go in. Thanks!!

DS Snake, I imagine it's worse where you are. Thank you!!!

Pincushion, not everything. I don't see any poetry in brussel sprouts or liver, or, do I... Thank you!!

Beverly, thank you! Just did.

Pris, I know you can. Have worked in Miami several times. I'll stay in Atlanta.

Tim, thank you!!