Thursday, May 04, 2006

Question Crumbs

I wonder if you’re sleeping
in a foreign dream
I know nothing about?
Is the air you’re breathing
paid for ‘til check out time?
Did you leave a wake-up call
for the sound of my voice?
Questions are all you left me,
so I’ll drop these,
like a fairy tale,
hoping you’ll
find your way home.


Anonymous said...

Whenever I type in word verification, it makes me type, "Iheartgrits", but I digress.....:)

Seriously, you're on a roll lately, but what's with all the break-up poems? Do you want to make Kai sad again?

Lukas Abrhm said...

the last five lines of this are perfect.

Natalia L. Rudychev said...

This foreign land of dreams where people we care about walk on their own .. unreachable. Myrriad images rush through the mind. And every guess is as good as it gets. Beautiful poem.

David Herrle said...

damn, Paul. bravo.

David Herrle said...

grr. Pat, i meant. PAULk got stuck in there!!!!

Poetry by Kai said...

ya pat do u want to make me sad? lol

i like this one.....


Jon Cox said...

AWESOME POETRY!!! Great work & thank you so much for your comment on my blog! :o)

Russell Ragsdale said...

Wonderful depth here, I loved this!

floots said...

full of poignancy and highways

Pat Paulk said...

No, I don't. My muse hasn't been getting enough "grits" lately. I think she's telling me something.

Lukas, thank you for the perfect comment!!

Natalia, "...and every guess is as good as it gets", great line!! Beautiful comment, thank you very much!!

Damn, Harry,...David, I hate when my fingers get in the way of my typos!! Thanks David!!

No Kai, Aurora just likes being mean to me. I always appreciate your comments!!

Jon, you have a great blog, it was my privilege!! Thanks!!

Russell thanks for the compliment. Never been accused of depth before!!

Thanks floots!! The goodbye highway if I don't get this muse some beer and grits!!

polona said...

beautifully written!

Pris said...

I simply love this!

Dan Husain said...

Oh these "Question Crumbs" are delicious. A perfect food for my poetic senses. Thanks for dropping in at my blog Pat. :-))



Pat Paulk said...

Polona, Pris and Dan thanks!!

boulies said...

Sad and lovely! I read this several times to injest that familiar longing.

Luanne said...

The honesty is beautiful.

haven't logged on for a while. I missed your poems!

Pat Paulk said...

Boulies thank you!! All too familiar a longing for far too many!

Luanne, thank you!! I'm glad you found your way back!