Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Patrons Of My Art

Could I spend each day of my life
typing letters into words, line and verse?
Chronicling the Sun’s walk
from Charleston to Malibu, without,
stopping at a gas station for a map?
Reporting a chameleon’s ascent
of my backyard deck, clawing and jumping
to the faded red pinnacle of Barbeque Park?
Watching gold finches take off and land
from butterfly bush to seed terminals,
writing about their amazing careers
without a single flight delay?
Of course the answer is yes, but
Citicorp and Georgia Power
aren’t patrons of my art.


Anonymous said...

Ha! Well done! The ending was a delight to reach.:)

Russell Ragsdale said...

Showing us once again that cynicism and good humor are inherent virtues. Thanks Pat!

sage said...

the chhameleon--the lizard of the south--good poem. I like the cyncism.

polona said...

excellent write as always!

Anonymous said...

Well they should be...I will just get on that phone and say so...I really like the way you spin simplicity into something enjoyable, and exciting.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...


Masago said...

Yes (what everyone said, esp. bre).

Shannon said...

I agree with everything here so I won't try to add...I stop in for a good read and am never disappointed!

Thank you, kind sir... =)

Borut said...

Agree with everybody.

Just an afterthought. Maybe you should address yourself to St George, the patron saint of seekers of truth, of England, don't know about Georgia, though... He is said to be kind enough to respond to sincere pleas of those of them who find themselves in real trouble.:)

Poetry by Kai said...

well done

Lukas Abrhm said...

i could spend my days...
reading and writing things
like the patrons of my art.