Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Save The Potato Chips!

Have you ever considered
the plight of potato chips?
Me neither, but
think about the grinding and crushing
after each crunching bite.
A future of digestive pulp,
passing down the esophageal tunnel
(with no bright light, and
grandma to greet you),
an acid wash in stomach holding, then
a colon coaster ride.
They are sold for this end,
brightly packaged and advertised,
“you can’t eat just one”!
There should be a note
printed between cholesterol,
and saturated fat content,
“you’re actively committing genocide
on this community
of thinly sliced,
deep-fried, salted spuds”.


polona said...

awsome write, pat! gotta feel sorry for them murphies :)

Natalia L. Rudychev said...

Great job! A parallel with us came up when I was reading. Consumers can be identified with these poor chips in the digestive tract of the advertisement driven society.

Pat Paulk said...

Polona, yep I reckon so. I've never heard them called murphies. Thank you!!

Thank you Natalia!! Without advertisement America would shrivel up and die, or would we?

Shane said...

heh heh -- funny and a lot of room for interpretation

Pat Paulk said...

Shane, we should all have a cause, and I think I'm suitably fit to champion this one, as I am a recovering "chip-o-holic". If I can figure out how to stay on the wagon (crunch, crunch).

Poetry by Kai said...

hey pat,

i made a comment on ur poets against plagiarism....

i like this one...pretty clever...

oh ya, thanks 4 stopping by!

steve said...

The potato chip cause could perhaps benefit from a photo campaign showing exactly what is done to them. The things we rationalize...

Masago said...

*loud applause*

Anonymous said...

Cool, definately interesting.

polona said...

pat, i’ve only discovered that because of your post. i had to check out “spuds” to make sure it meant what i thought it would (it did :)) and while there i thought i might as well look up for any other potato synonims. i liked “murphy” - for in my mind it further personifies the object as well as brings to mind the murphy’s laws.
(do i make any sense here?)

Luanne said...

hmmm... have I ever considered the plight of the potato chips? uh, No, I haven't? =p

thanks for the perspective sir! haha. poor chips. nice, as always =)

Pat Paulk said...

Steve, we'll make you official photographer!! Where would you like to start??

Vaughn thank you very much!!

Kai, Thank you, thank you, and your very welcome!!

Thank you Mandy! The "old man" weirds out from time to time. or, maybe normals out...I get confused.

Polona it makes perfect sense. Now I'll have go research Potato synomyms.

Janet said...


Lee said...

Murphy = Irish surname = potato farmers

But...having put the poor chip to it's gastric bed,
what are you suggesting we eat instead?

Pat Paulk said...

Janet thank you!!

Lee, thanks for coming by!! I don't know, Spotted Owls?