Friday, May 12, 2006


She dances with wheat,
the lips of sky;
a goddess with
dirt-rouge cheeks,
joining stares
with bark-skin eyes.

She dances…
I dance…
tree-warriors skip
like water-harp gods.

The sun is planted
in the soil of night,
watered with
the sweat-lust of Spring.


boulies said...

And I'm first for yours!!! This poem is amazing. I tried to enter the site you linked but couldn't. It was complicated so I'll come back and try again later. Doesn't matter one bit. Your incredible poem stands on its own. No explanation needed. "The sun is planted in the soil of night, watered with the sweet lust of spring." What abstract and powerful words. I believe this is my favorite of yours so far. I feel a close relation.

Poetry by Kai said...

that's beautiful & i watch the audio clip...

Natalia L. Rudychev said...

Inspiring poem! A real DANCE!

polona said...

simply beautiful!

Russell Ragsdale said...

Pat, that was absolutly beautiful!! Rapsodic but beter than a rapsody. Fantastic!!

Jon Cox said...


gautami tripathy said...

This is good! Thanks for leaving comments on my blog. I am glad I came here.

whitney said...

The word choice is perfect, Pat!

MB said...

Lovely images, Pat.

Queen Neetee said...

This is absolutely wonderful!

Such a beautiful and apt narration of Spring.

It has pried my heart up from the sticky pit of the work week and has given me wings to dance as well.

Thank you pat!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

That's something! I have been looking forever for a website with examples of world music for my class -- you showed me one now! Thanks --

Masago said...

I especially appreciated:

"bark-skin eyes"
"skip like water-harp gods"

Shane said...

good stuff - off to Pris to see the source

steve said...

like andrew said, great find on this music resource - and you capture the images from the video very well!

floots said...

for me it was
watered with
the sweat-lust of Spring

beautifully done

Poetry by Kai said...

hi pat, hope u have a great weekend

Pat Paulk said...

Boulies, I'm glad you were first!! Thank you very much!!

Kai, thank you! Hope you enjoyed it!!

Thanks Natalia!! Yes a real dance!!

Polona, it got me charged!! Thank you!!

Thanks Russell!! Better than a "rap" too!!

Thank you Jon!!

Gautami, I'm glad you came by, and you're very welcome!!

Thank you Whitney!! You are the master of word choice!!

Thanks MB!!

QNT, always glad to pick a "pretty" lady up!! Thank you!!

Andrew, always glad to show you "youngsters" around!!

Vaughn, thank you!!

Shane thanks!!

Thanks Steve!!

Floots, wouldn't mind being watered with a little myself!! Thanks!!

Kai, I had a great weekend! I hope you did as well!!

Anonymous said...

Such seductiveness in this poem..Well done.