Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Send Out A Memo

There’s a word
I would love to see
obliterated from language,
some think
the world can’t turn without it.
Minutes would only be 60 seconds,
there wouldn't be a market
for rattletrap metaphors,
yellow note pads
could grow up to be trees,
and pompous asses
would have to join a theater group
to prance around on center stage.
Send out a memo,
we need to have a meeting to discuss this.


Lee said...

(intake of breath) Tricky. Very tricky. A drug of addiction that may have unforeseen withdrawal symptoms! People may have to do some work!

boulies said...

I for one would pay big bucks to see those pompous asses prancing around on center stage, with their underpants unknowingly exposed and a yellow sticky taped to their forheads. Good one Pat! You remind me of why I'm no good at making shopping lists, collecting discount coupons and (at my own business) needing to stick those sticky yellow memo papers to my own forehead so that I might remember that I wrote something down in the first place.

floots said...

good one
i've been back in that world today - only for four hours
(but it was enough)
i'm with you this one
where do i go to burn my files :)

Pat Paulk said...

Lee, you are right, they'd have to be productive. Scary thought!!

Boulies, I would too!! Lists are things I can live without too. Your comments are greatly appreciated!!

Floots, been out of that world for 11 years now. But even in my own little business we still have to gather up and break a few heads to try and bake a cake. If I win the lottery tonight...

Anonymous said...

If you win the lottery - what? You're going to buy a Malibu Barbie house? A Kodak v570? What will you buy?

And oh yeah -- good poem.:)

Poetry by Kai said...

hey thats cool...

thank u :)

did u have a good day?

Jon Cox said...

VERY COOL!!! :o)
I love the comment you left me!! Thank you soooo much!! :o) I'm working on a series of my niece & I'm not sure how long it's going to take me nor how many I'll create of her but I have ALOT more creation on the way!! I'm hoping to start selling work, hopefully soon & having it so people can order from me! :o)
Thank you again!! :o)

J.B. Rowell said...

"yellow note pads
could grow up to be trees"

love that - and love the poem!


Lukas Abrhm said...

you'd think the internet would have ushered in the complete dissolution of paper use.
this is why i used to work outside.
bringing life to gardens around SF has been the best job ever.
sometimes, we all just need a lot more fresh air.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

:) I love it!!

polona said...

oh, i'm with you on this one (still have to waste too much time there)!
very good!

Borut said...

Without 'rattletrap metaphors,
yellow note pads
could grow up to be trees' - no need for words, no need for writing, no need for paper, and the trees could be allowed to grow:)!

Anonymous said...

Such satiric wit...Very funny...and put to good use.

Pat Paulk said...

Didn't win the lottery, so, No MB house!!

Thank you Kai!! Yes ma'am, I did!

Thanks Jon good luck!!

Julia, thanks for stopping by, that would be great wouldn't it!

Lukas, you would think wouldn't you? I agree on the fresh air. good suggestion!!

Andrew, thank you sir!!

Don't we all Polona!! Thank you!!

Yes Borut, t'would be a very good thing!!

Pat Paulk said...

Thanks Mandy!

Nea said...

haha......yes, I just got my memo.....