Friday, May 05, 2006

Walking The Dog

Walked outside,
birds chirped
pretty bird,
pretty bird…
dog sniffed
for the perfect
patch of grass.
my senses
with their fix
of black coffee,
reflected on
how many
gazillion days
dawn worked
without a day off.
Breathed in deep
morning air,
she found
what she was looking for.


Anonymous said...

Nicely done.

Masago said...

...back coffee, yeah!

David Herrle said...

" how many
gazillion days
dawn worked
without a day off"

these are the Paulkian passages that primarily please, Pat. ;)

Poetry by Kai said...

thank u pat....

neat poem....:)

steve said...

great morning moments, even by the gazillion!

polona said...

well done, pat!
in my case, it was a "he", and he would run through half the town to find his perfect patch. it's been years since he's gone, but still miss him sometimes...

Natalia L. Rudychev said...

Great job! Vivid images. Soon I'll travel to see my mom and aging irish setter. Finding the right spot is always a big deal.

peter said...

hello, my dad likes your poems, so do i.

Sharmagne Leland-St. John said...

Very nice!

I can actually hear the bird saying "Pretty bird... Pretty bird!"

How is it that I have only just found this blog?

I must be a sleeping ghost!

floots said...

love this
(i watch my cat on similar searches) :)

Pat Paulk said...

Thank you AA!!

Vaughn, gots to have the black coffee. One of the last addictions I maintain!!

Thanks David!!

Thanks Kai!!

Steve, a gazillion thanks!!

Polona, it's not hard to get attached to the little furry creatures. Thanks!!

Natalia, had 2 cockers. Lost one about 6 weeks ago and the other is barely hanging on. Geriatric pets have been an adventure. Wouldn't trade the loss, and the daily anticipation of the next loss for all the enjoyment they provided. Thank you!!

Peter, thank you for reading my poetry!! Your Dad has a pretty cool blog too!! Please, come back!!

Sharmagne, I'm not sure, but, I'm glad you found it now!! Thank you!!

Floots, the older they get the harder and longer it takes!! Thanks!!

Poetry by Kai said...

hey pat

Queen Neetee said...

We all have our own ritual for the arrival of dawn, don't we?

Wonderful pat!

Shane said...

maybe she can share her secret

-R- said...

Very vivid- I enjoyed the poem.


I like this. Where your exclaiming on nature, but the last line shows it be a lot more poignent than that.

Russell Ragsdale said...

Pat, correct me if I am wrong, but even the most habitual of journeys is a search for new meaning and answers to questions we didn't know how to ask yet. Time passing repetitively, physical need coupled with the quest for the perfect place to fulfill that need, the ancient newness of birdsong at the end of winter, the endless replay of the dawn pagent - I think it was you who found what you were seeking, if only for a moment!

boulies said...

This is a familiar scene for me. I have two big Labs and I know that feeling of contemplating the universe in the great outdoors while they're doing their business. I enjoyed this!

Luanne said...

she found
what she was looking for.

... wish I would too. nice one pat!

Pat Paulk said...

Hey Kai!!

QNT, yes ma'am we do!! Thank you!!

Shane, she's so old, she forgot!!

-r- thank you!!

Eating Poetry, that breath of air following her around is very poignant!!

WOW Russell!! I did get the poem out of it!!

Boulies,just another excuse to be outside!! Thanks!!

Thanks Luanne!! I have all confidence you will!!