Thursday, May 25, 2006

No Freezer Burn Words

No, I don’t pull my words
from the freezer,
place them in the microwave to thaw.
I chase a rabbit
running across the lawn,
take one from behind
its frightened ear.
Another comes from
my Venetian blinds,
after I dust it off
it’s good to use.
A robin plays stork
and drops one on the stoop;
the neighbor’s keys
slip from her hand, and
two or three fall out
from a denim mini-skirt.
The hot coffee
I just spilled on my hand
provides the last to end this poem,


Aurora said...

Ha!:) (That's me being eloquent, how'd I do?:) )

Winning write, Pat.

Maddy said...

Great! I have said this before
but your crystal observations
of life are amazing with that
sense of humor - it is so
original and fresh and i rarely
see it in poetry - a bit like
ee cummings....that splendid

polona said...

oh, wow! love this from beginning to end!

tammy said...

Love this. . . and the title is perfect.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

my words usually bounce off my head! :)

boulies said...

Pat, I LOVE THIS! And I understand exactly where you're coming from. Words just slip in and out like mercury. They're beautiful and dangerous and they just come from left field; just the way I like it. This was a very charming piece. I wanted to re-quote a few passages that struck me, but realized I'd have to re-write your whole entire poem. Love it!

Shannon said...

Hey Pat...very fun!

I am tempted to make some "time in a bottle" analogy...

you have a beautiful way of "freezing" the moment...definitely not the words!

steve said...

freshly picked words are the best, Pat - love how you serve them up!

Pat Paulk said...

Ha! Really?? Thank you!!

Maddy, WOW! Greatly appreciated!!

Polona, WOW's are good!!

Tammy thank you for coming by and posting a comment!!

Andrew I'll take words bouncing off my head. Better than most things people bounce off of it!!

Boulies, left field is a place I'm very familiar with. Getting to know other poets around the world I'm finding it a pretty interesting place! Loved your comment, thank you!!

Wow! First Cummings, now Croce!! Snannon thank you very much!!

Steve, I grocery shop daily too. Thanks!!

Poetry by Kai said...

well written---

have a good weekend:)

sangeet said...

Lovely :)


floots said...

they're all around us
right enough
(but some days they go into hiding)
nice one

Pat Paulk said...

Thanks Kai, I hope you have a wonderful holiday!!

Sangeet, thank you!! Your visits are greatly appreciated!!

Thanks Floots, they definitely do that. Miscreant? I prefer to think I'm creative in my dealings with the rest of humanity.

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

I like this, I didn't get the end first time, but I think the immediacy of stating each event creates a great parallel

Christine Klocek-Lim said...

I like the way this uses imagery to draw the reader into the poet's creative process. Well done.

bre said...

Funny...I really like.