Thursday, May 11, 2006

Medium Rare

Poets are perceptive
little boogers,
who the hell knows why?
Somedays it’s a gift,
other’s a curse.
We see the world spinning
on a high top tennis shoe,
laces untied and slouching,
hanging like bangs
in the face of a star, or
skewered on an axis,
slow roasting ‘round the sun.
You say that’s not reality,
there’s scientific evidence
to refute this fantastical claim,
but then,
you’re not a poet, so
I’ll take my clouds medium rare.


Borut said...

It takes a king to understand a king. Wow, let us join you in this rare medium of clouds…

polona said...

medium rare is a good idea... the problem is, we don't always get what we want...
another gem of yours, pat!

Poetry by Kai said...

me too...
i wanna join u too

great poem....

And thanks 4 stopping by as always:)

Carl Bryant said...

I like it, Pat.

It's juicy and satisfying.

Run a match around the clouds, and bring me the one in the middle.

Lukas Abrhm said...

this is good stuff.
i almost wanna send it to all my ex's.
yeah, it's that kosher of beef.

Inkblot said...

rather clever, rather true and rather lovely..

Jon Cox said...

I like this one!

yellow_monsta said...

i like the medium rare line :) and the whole poem too!

Poetry by Kai said...

thanks pat....

Pat Paulk said...

Thanks Borut, join in!!

Polona, how well I know, but medium rare is always a good idea!! Thank you!!

Kai,as a poet you have!! Thank you!!

Carl you got it!! Thanks!!

Lukas, I thank you much!! Ex's give me the shivers!!

Thanks Inkblot!!

Jon, I appreciate that!!

Yellow Monsta, thanks for coming by and commenting!!

Kai, YW!!

Pris said...

Love this, Pat!

floots said...

... medium rare

but the poem was very well done :)

Christine Klocek-Lim said...

"Poets are perceptive
little boogers," Ha! How do you come up with these phrases that stick in my head?

bre said...

I love the way you talk about the poet type..You weave the words together w/ such ease.

Luanne said...

i get what you mean pat. I'll have mine well done, just lke your poem :p

steve said...

back in the cloud kitchen
the chef du soleil
reads your order
and smiles

Pat Paulk said...

Pris, thank you!!

Floots, some things are better "well done". Thanks for thinking so!!

Thanks Christine!! Mind magnets??

Thank you Mandy!!

Luanne, you got it!! Baked potato or fries?

Thank you Steve!!

dully said...

John Ralston Saul, an author I am fond of, says that the poet precedes the intillect. So your first line, "Poets are perceptive
little boogers,
who the hell knows why?" caught my eye and resonated in my mind. Although I've never thought of them as perceptive boogers, I think you might have unearthered something here.

Rhiannon said...

So True...way too perceptive and sometimes it gets us into trouble as we observe "feel" and know whats going on around us and what will happen down the road..and some may mock and tell us we don't know what we are talking about..then it happens..and well we won't get into their reaction about that.:)

Great poem!


Nea said...

poetic license, for we ARE perceptive creatures, shamefully in step with our own reality......yet word verifiations seem difficult in their complexity