Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Assembly Required

It’s quiet now,
after the tirade
of an afternoon
black cloud spitting fit.
I wonder if God was putting
lightning bolts together, using
an eight language instruction manual
with backordered parts?


Anonymous said...

Good poem, Pat. Oh wait, are you going to make me call you Mr. Poet's Market from now on?:)

Poetry by Kai said...


jel said...

are ya saying ya got some rain with thunderbommers :)

samuru999 said...

Wonderful poem Pat... as they all are!
Take care!

Masago said...

Hmmm...still pondering this one...

Amalendu said...

I was wondering if god has a back-up or not!!!...You say it so well Pat

Don Iannone said...

Yes She was. Nice one.

Karasu said...

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one experiencing inclement weather Pat. But there is something about the quiet after the storm, isn't there? Thank you for this piece.

PS: I'm logging in to your Comments page as "Other", rather than "Karasu", due to technical difficulties with my new beta Blogger account. So my handsome viasage won't grace your hallowed Coments page. ;-)

floots said...

don't get me started on those manulas :)
nice one

Osquer said...

Mmmm I can smell the petrichor from here!

God: "Now where did I put my devine Allen wrench?"

polona said...

if god has touse one of those manuals, then we're in trouble :)
love the poem!

mikaelah said...

and most like a good hunk of duct tape... it had to come from somewhere! delightful as usual!

Pat Paulk said...

Thank you!! Of course that makes you Madame Poet's Market!

Thank you Kai. Tell AA to quit picking on me.

Jel, that's exactly what I'm saying. Could've done it a lot simpler I know.

Margie, thank you for your continueing support!!

Vaughn, just another way of saying it stormed pretty good here.

Shyamalee, probably a legion or two of angels. Thank you sir!!

Don, thanks!! High heels and lightning bolts, that's an image!

Karasu, you're right! I love the quiet after the storm.

Floots, I'm convinced you have to flunk at least 3 IQ tests to put those things (manuals) together. Hope no one out there does this for a living. But, then I feel that way about most of the coporate world.

Osquer, I bet you can!! Good comment!!

Polona, then why else would he be throwing all those lightning bolts helter skelter everywhere. Looks like me everytime I put anything together, and I am made in His image... Thank you!!

Mikaelah, you had to introduce the fix-it of all fix-its. Lightning bolts with duct tape, I like that!!

jel said...

you could have but it wouldn't been as good ,
I'm just a simple person! :)

MB said...

This is quite an image... or set of them!

Shane said...

maybe the thunderclaps were exclamations of rage. I'm sure the term "This sucks" cries out in every language when those instruction booklets are being used


dumbdodi said...

Great...your thought has made me smile....thank you

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

He he this made me laugh