Monday, August 28, 2006

Dog Ear Dams

I dog ear pages,
always have,
probably always will.
I know it’s not copasetic,
book abuse of some sort, I’m sure.
I’ve been asked
if I wanted my ears permanently creased,
and folded after every conversation.
Of course I don’t,
they would eventually tear off,
making me look
like a half-eared Vulcan!
Bent corners aren’t man-made dams
diminishing the flow of bank-bursting words.
On the contrary,
they’re evidence of previous forays
into screeching, howling pages,
a comfort knowing the shadows
peering through the under growth of lines
have long been tamed.


NINANINA said...

i like screeching howling pages and the half eared vulcan!
oh well I post art every sunday its not like I am busy drawing right now. its just a lifetime of work!
I have 2 cats... its enough when I have my coyote dog and we live in a small house.
Cats are great to draw and
d e s c r i b e ! !!

MB said...

a comfort knowing the shadows
peering through the under growth of lines
have long been tamed.

Nicely put.

I try not to, but if it's a good book, oh I know there are going to be places I want to go back to.

Joyce said...

I only dogeared textbooks. Now I always use a bookmark.

I enjoyed reading this poem!

floots said...

as a case for the defence
it's the best i've ever heard :)
excellent pat

mikaelah said...

reminds me of the velveteen rabbit...worn in place that are loved. not a bad way for a book to go. (today I pasted my shelties ears down with some blue tack ... so your poem made me laugh and wonder how you can see what we are doing over here with our dogs ears!)

jel said...

My Dog foldes his own ears back!
it's funny 2 :)

polona said...

i've never dog eared books, but i love this poem!!

samuru999 said...

I am always dog earing my books...
and I love this poem!

Christine Klocek-Lim said...

"book abuse" this gave me a smile. Books are meant to be used, read, loved. If that's abuse, then I am guilty, too.

Poetry by Kai said...

very nice

Russell Ragsdale said...

Couldn't live without reading but many of my books are electronic (sad tales of the traveler) and those are real hard to dog ear! I'll be working on it. Wonderful poem, Pat!

Masago said...

Well done (My books aren't dogeared as I like to use the little 3M flags as re-usable book marks.) :-)

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

great one!

Hototogisu said...

love the poem, pat. i'm sure there must be some form of treatment available for this nasty habit.

Natalia L. Rudychev said...

I dog ear my books too. I love the poem. For me books are companions, friends, sometimes foes, and always someBody to have a relationship with.

Pat Paulk said...

Ninanina, thanks for coming by!! Screetching and howling always works!!

MB, I guess I'm more of a content kind of guy,versus ink, paper and price tags. Thank you very much!!

Joyce, I never read textbooks, so they were safe from my bending fingers!! Thank you!!

Floots, if I ever need defending, I'm calling. Thank you!!

Mikaelah, I'll never tell, but be careful what else you do, you never know who's watching!!

Jel, dogs are funny. Miss my girls.

Polona, this poems is truly confessional, I do. Thank you!!

Margie, I knew you'd understand!!

Christine, for many years they weren't in any danger from me. But I'm catching up quick!! Thank you!!

Thank you Kai!!

Russell, I do alot of research reading electronically. Haven't figured out how to dog ear them either. Thank you sir!!

Thanks Vaughn!!

Thank you Andrew!!

Karasu, I'm already involved in too many anonymous this and that's I'm going to have to live with this vice!!

Natalia, I'm glad to know I'm not suffering from this dreadful infirmity alone. My poem should've been half as good as your comment!!

Don Iannone said... really shouldn't read so much. They say we are more likely to bend over pages (An old Congressional joke) and underline lines in books when our memories fail us....Hum...

dumbdodi said...

I always dogear my books, try using bookmarks but keep losing 'em.
Great poem Pat...
I am sorry I missed many of your poems over last few days.

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

All my books are abused well the ones that are worth reading anyway-I'm sure the prestine upon the shelf just like the unplayed with toys bought just a little late for childhood are gealous really.

J.B. Rowell said...

Still, dogearing is a sin . . . unless the book deserves it . . . an ear for an ear!