Tuesday, August 15, 2006

God Is

in the tea bag
permeating hot water,
rising as steam.

in the grimy pockets
of the “work for food” man,
waiting for change.

in the dust on blinds
seeing and not seeing,
silent and still.

in the dark shadows
of a circling hawk,
God is…
God is…
God is...


MB said...

in the dust on blinds
seeing and not seeing,
silent and still.

Oh Pat. That's very powerful.


I got chills reading the last three lines... brilliantly done. I love the metaphors, they evoke strong images and feelings.

jel said...

God is...... ever where
God is....... every thing!

Don Iannone said...

Beautiful Pat. Liked this one a great deal. Pat is... Pat is... Pat is...

polona said...

just beautiful!

Yansidara said...

I absolutely agree Pat. This poemprayer, is really beautiful. ...I think I will memorize it.

samuru999 said...

Beautiful and amazing!
love this!

camera shy said...

wonderful ending image
the repetition
so right on

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

This is a different one for you, isn't it? If I hadn't known that it was yours, I never would have guessed. Nice

Amalendu said...

lovely one...

Hototogisu said...

Do I detect a haiku influence here Pat?

I really like this one ... particularly the way it expresses the idea that God is anywhere and everywhere.

"What if God was one of us?
Just a slob like one of us?
Just a stranger on the bus, tryin to make his way home ..."

--One Of Us by Joan Osborne

dumbdodi said...

Beuatiful Pat.
God is..God is..God is...in your poem.

gracie said...

in the bloggers lurking
commenting and not commenting
but liking every post!

Nea said...

he has really good eye sight......

good one pat.......:)

Joyce said...

Nice play on words.

mikaelah said...

I knew I should not have dusted those blinds yesterday! ... although I am sure I inhaled some.

Pat Paulk said...

MB, I like that verse too. Thank you!!

EP, thank you for coming back by!! Thank you for your kind compliment!!

Jel, I believe He is!!

Don, you're too kind. thank you!!!

Thank you Polona!!

Thank you Yansidara!! Never had anyone want to memorize one of my poems. What a great compliment!!

Thank you Margie!!

Camera Shy, thank you!!!

Thanks Andrew!! It's a conspiracy to keep you off balance!!

Shyamalee, thank you!!

Karasu, it wasn't intended that way, it just kind of dribbled out in three lines. With some minor revision it could be though. Think I'll play with that. Thank you!!

Dumbdodi, thank you!!

Gracie, you're welcome to do either here. Just glad to know you're out there!! Thank you!!

I think so! Thanks Nea!!

Thank you Joyce!!

Mikaelah, glad to see you back!! "Dust, the breath of God". Interesting.

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

I love this it would make a beautiful prayer