Sunday, August 13, 2006

View From Shore

Canvas hands held tight
the reigns of wild winds spooked,
the lake churned up
green and fractured,
whitewater dust.

Long flowing letters
of calligraphy-blonde hair,
raced across
a blue-marquee sky, advertising
the sailor’s holy grail.


Anonymous said...

Check your email for what I really want to comment to this poem.:) But publicly I'll say: Good write!

jel said...

hey pat, have a great week

MB said...

Makes me think back on my experiences with sailboats (mostly watching). Beautiful imagery.

Hototogisu said...

"Long flowing letters
of calligraphy-blonde hair,
raced across
a blue-marquee sky ..."

These words are sheer magic! And this image ... this marvelous image ... is etched into the fabric of my mind. Thank you Pat.

Russell Ragsdale said...

Hi Pat! You're piloting around in the waters of myth here. I am ready for this journey. Also wanted to say how much I enjoyed that poem about growing old in the care of your lady love. Scary stuff (I'll be 62 in a few months).

samuru999 said...


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

nice work! I'd love to see what Aurora "really" said. :)

Plus Ultra said...

Your best by far....I can stop and savour every syllable, I intend to use that to trigger some poem or painting, I really think it is the best I read for the last few days, I am really curious as to what Aurora says to you privately....she surprises me at every turn with a new portrait every time!

Don Iannone said...

Nice one Pat!

texas haijin said...

nice poem, buddy.

Joyce said...

Nice vision!

floots said...

as others have said
great imagery

polona said...

stunning imagery! love it, pat!

Pat Paulk said...

And you got my reply. Good comment!!

Jel, thank you very much!! On your wishes, I think I will!!

MB, a couple of buddies and myself bought one 2 years ago at an auction for $100.00. 24' Seafarer. Cleaned it up and played with it for a year. We did not know how to sail, and still don't. My experience is from shore too. Thank you!!

Karasu, it is your comment that is magic!! Thank you!!

Russell, I would've never guessed you to be that old. I still have "several" years to make it that far. Not as many as I'd like, though. Thank you!!

Margie, thank you!! I love magical!!

Andrew, if you notice the new profile pic with her arms crossed, you can imagine her comment. Thank you!!

Plus, thank you for such a fantastic comment!! Yeah, she's a real "surprise" somedays!!

Thanks Don!!

Thanks Dustin!!

Thank you Joyce!!

Thanks Floots!! Trying to play with the imagery some. It's fun anyway.

Thank you Polona!! Not as graphic as "Slug feast"!!

serenity said...

Beautiful imagery. I too am stunned by the magical words

"Long flowing letters
of calligraphy-blonde hair,
raced across
a blue-marquee sky ..."

Thank you for your comment and your visit. The biggest blessing about it is that it lead me to you here, and I can come and surround myself in such lovely words.

**SilvermOOn**GEL said...

Strong and tight, particularly the first stanza. Love being reigned in by the beginning "Canvas hands held tight" and "green and fractured, whitewater dust."