Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Initial Carving

I carved our initials
into the clear backs of falling raindrops;
they told the trees, and
before I knew it
we were the hot-topic whispers
spreading from wind to breeze.
I hope you don’t mind,
didn’t mean to be indiscreet.
Just thought they’d pile up
in shallow water graves,
and quietly go away.


samuru999 said...

Oh my!
That is beautiful!
I love it Pat!
You are some poet!

mikaelah said...

luscious! no wonder the breezes around here have been so scorching!!!!

floots said...

those first two lines knocked me out and set up the poem so well
(i will chant them to myself as i drive through today's rain)

Amalendu said...

lovely Pat.. the poem reminds me of my college days stories...

Pris said...

Another good one, Pat. The images carry me there.

jel said...

WOW, :)

thanks pat,
was writting a new post when you stopped by!

take care!

Plus Ultra said...

Have you not heard that what is whispered in the closet will be broadcast from the roof tops...especially the type of information you are imparting...initials on the backs of raindrops,I will go out now and catch the rain falling on my face and hear those hot topics you discreetly shared with your ghosts!!!!

C said...

I like the clever rumor mill you created with the trees and nature. Human nature.

Don Iannone said...

Wow! Powerful one. I like it.

Yansidara said...

Oh my stars!
Such a beautiful poem Pat.
I am...amazed...

MB said...

Floots is right, you know. Those first two lines create such an unlikely and riveting image... and carry the flow of the rest of the poem. It's a lovely poem, Pat.

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

I love the sense of humour of this poem and somehow it manages to be both sensitive and beautiful as well. One I shall hang onto I think

polona said...

i think i overheard the stream gurgling something to the catails today... never trust the raindrops.
love it, pat!

Poetry by Kai said...



Russell Ragsdale said...

There is a chorus of first two liners. Unorriginally but enthusiastically I can't help but join that clamor. Wonderful images!

Nea said...

Why would anyone mind.......:):)

Being the object of poetry is a fine thing. Nice work here Pat.

Pat Paulk said...

Margie, I thank you for that. You turn a pretty fair hand at it yourself.

Mikaelah, don't believe a word they say!!!

Floots, I worked on this driving through some rain yesterday afternoon. If the raindrops only knew! Thank you sir!!

Shyamalee, sounds like your college days were fun!!

Thank you Pris!! Glad you could make the trip!!

Thank you Jel!!

Plus, not only heard it, but lived it a time or two. Thank you!!

C, thank you kindly for stopping by. Glad I could gin up something entertaining!!

Thank you Don, or Fred!!

Yansidara, Thank you!! Amazing is good!!

MB, from the master of flow, that is a wonderful compliment!! Thank you!!

Sue, thank you!!

Polona, I've trusted those wet-eyed little boogers for the last time. Thank you!!

Thank you Kai!!

Clamor on Russell!! Music to my ears!! thank you!!

You'd be surprised Nea. Thank you!!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

Now I like this one!!

Amalendu said...

yes Pat, I wish I had written this poem

bre said...