Thursday, August 10, 2006

Bath Time

When grey, mother-angry clouds
chase off sun-seething taunts,
leaves wiggle and cheer
expecting a cool afternoon bath.
No soap to get in their eyes, nor
cotton covered fingers
shoved in tiny dark holes,
hiding whispered secrets
only you and I know...


Don Iannone said...

Beautiful imagery. I like it.

Medusa aka expiringpoet said...


MB said...

Oh! You are causing me to reflect on what weather may cross the sky of my own face at times.

Queen Neetee said...

I absolutely love this pat!

Beautifully done.

polona said...

stunning imagery! i love it!

Anonymous said...

very good. leaves us hanging

Anonymous said...

Hanging from where? A shower rod?? :):):)

Pat, I read this poem in the morning, and couldn't think of an adequate comment. Nothing seemed just right. So I just want you to know I read this.

samuru999 said...

Another great one !

Amalendu said...

"Pat-style" imagery...nice as always

Nea said...

sounds like a bath that wasn't for cleaning anything...haha....those can be fun too.

Neers said...

Thanks Paul!! its good to be encouraged by someone like you!

samuru999 said...

Have a great week end Pat!

floots said...

love the vicarious intimacy of this

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

lovely poem it makes me see it all and share the secret

Pris said...

yes yes yes!! Wonderful.

Pat Paulk said...

Thanks Don!!

Thank you Medusa!!

MB, as a loving, caring mother, I'm sure it's not always sunny!!

Thank you QNT!!

Thank you Polona!!

Some kinds of hanging aren't bad. Thank you Ruthanne!!

AA, always glad to have you reading!!

Thank you Margie!!

Shyamalee, with my bad eyesight, my best vision is creative. Thank you!!

Best kind Nea!!

Neers, your site was a pleasure to visit. Thank you for woming by and commenting!!

Margie, I did, I hope you did too!!

Floots, some things are best lived vicariously. That's my story anyway. Thanks!!

Sue, secrets are always best shared. Thank you!!

Makes me want to light up a cigarette, and I haven't done that in 25 years. Thank you Pris!!!