Thursday, August 31, 2006

How’s Tricks

I write poetry because I want to,
not because I have to.
I could let my internal organs
blow up in my peritoneum cavity,
spew out my belly button
like an overly excited fire hydrant.
Sometimes, they come like a shiny, wet baby,
with a gestation minute from yahoo to lookout!
Other times, the teasing tarts play hard to get,
show a little cleavage here, a slapped face there.
Whether fast or slow, they all arrive,
take in some air, run from PC to printer,
put on a white paper suit,
catch the red-eye-Postal-shuttle
looking for a good-time, publication date.


samuru999 said...

Guess I am first here again!
What in the heck do I say about this poem.... except incredible!

I write poetry because I want to also... but, I sure cannot write a poem like this one!
It is just amazing!
Loved it!!!!

MB said...

Pat, you are nothing if not colorful in your images! This one may have arrived red and squawling at the last minute, but it arrived! Congratulations on the fruits of your labor! ;-)

Masago said...

Ah, the beast. This one appears to have slipped out. :-)

lori said...

I am enjoying reading your poems. I don't write poetry but I do enjoy reading them.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

keep it coming! :)

jel said...

you do have a way with the words :)

take care

dumbdodi said...

Not only do you write imaginatively but your very thought process is very unique and very imaginative. Great work

Don Iannone said...

I am glad you write poetry. Some times a little playing with the words, the cleavage, pantyhose, and all else is just what we need.

It is expected you will 'work' at your poetry this weekend, given it is 'labor' day weekend.

Amalendu said...

This is a site that never disappoints me...I know something cooking in this person called Pat(’s) mind will take a wonderful shape to say... “Hai.. how you did that?”
Very well said Pat...

Hototogisu said...


Janet said...

Thanks....Enjoyed this poem!

jel said...


mikaelah said...

your delight in writing shows in what emerges ... belly buttons spewing forth! What an image. See you next week.

C said...

Those poems can be conniving little critters eh?

Natalia L. Rudychev said...

I can relate to this one so well! I love the energy and original expressivness of your poetry!

polona said...

WOW, pat!! it is always a pleasure to see/read the fruits of your labour!

Nea said...

haha, yeh you write because you want to.....rrrrrrright........and you could quit at ay time, ..........right,......and never pick up a pen again.........right.........

Don't try and fool a writer. I KNOW BETTER. hahahahahah

Safe trip.....come back....write more........

dsnake1 said...

"I write poetry because I want to"

guess it sums up why people write poetry.

excellent post. :)

NINANINA said...

Plus you write poetry cos you love to?!?!?

Pat Paulk said...

Margie, thank you!!You write excellent poetry, we just write differently.

Well, colorful is good, I think...
Yeah, it had a set of lungs that could heard three States over. Thanks, MB!!

Vaughn, it did, but it was caught before it hit the floor!!

Lori, well, I really do enjoy writing them so if you'll keep reading, I'll keep writing!! Thank you for commenting!!

Trying to keep up with you ain't easy Andrew!!

Thank you Janice!!

Dumbdodi, I have been told that is less kinder words. Thank you for your kind words!!

Don, I confess I didn't. I did enjoy several beautiful sunsets though. As pretty as any I've ever seen!! Thank you!!

Shyamalee, I've got two ex-wives that would say I greatly disappointed, but, they're not here... Thank you sir!!

Thank you Karasu!!

Janet, thanks for coming by!!

Thank you Mikaelah!! Kind of liked that image myself.

C, if I ever figure out how to do a "C" section on them, I'll have it made!! Tahnk you!!

Natalia, from a talent such as yours, your comments are high praise. Thank you!!

Polona, the feeling is mutual!!

Nea, could if I wanted my guts to spew all over my little office. But, I don't want that, so for now, I'll keep writing. Thank you!!

Dsnake, wouldn't make sense if you didn't. Thank you!!

Yes ma'am Nina I do!!

Anonymous said...


Sue hardy-Dawson said...

I write it because I can't stop myself, quite a number of my friends and families would probably like to stop me, but I'm queter and easier to get along with if they don't stop me so they've taken the path of least disruption. But seriously I identify totally with this poem

**Silvermoon** said...

What a fun piece! and clever twists of phrase "spew out my belly button/like an overly excited fire hydrant"