Sunday, August 06, 2006

Cyclic Reunion

It’s hot!
Hottest Summer on record,
some experts say.
Is the brown grass browner?
Dirt in dust drier?
Are rivers of salty sweat
running like class 5 rapids
over butterfly tattoos?
My knowledge of such things
is not so well refined.
Last night it rained.


steve said...

Relief at last!!

Aurora said...

You're such an alarmist.

Good poem, though. :):):)

Russell Ragsdale said...

Oh Pat, That was very, very nice! I loved the tone, but the palpable hesitation was delicious.

Poetry by Kai said...

thank u...

i like ur poem too.

aurora stick her tongue at me...

samuru999 said...

Ilike this poem!
Glad it rained!
It is raining here now!
Love the rain!

Borut said...

Oh, good!:) Good poem.

Medusa aka expiringpoet said...

Great ending Pat! :)
Hope it cools soon in your part of the world. It's blistering over here too. Much too hot to consider doing anything else but read poetry in bed!!!

**Silvermoon**GEL said...

"Are rivers of salty sweat
running like class 5 rapids"- very descriptive! Questions (esp. browner, drier?) fit well among your cycling.(Ironically, it stormed here last night.)

Thx for the kind linkage & your visits. Ironically, I came in here this morning to do the same without knowing you did. GMTA (Great Minds Think Alike) :)

dumbdodi said...

Lovely it cooled out for you. But I am not complaining about any hot weather here in Manchester, it bloody rains here all the time.I am dreading the winters

Plus Ultra said...

Lines 6-8..where did you get all these fascinating imagery? These tthree lines made the poem!

MB said...

Your poem sounds like it feels around here... except the rain. Wish we would get some rain!!

Are rivers of salty sweat
running like class 5 rapids
over butterfly tattoos?

Vivid line. I have not run class 5 rapids, but class 4 yes... but not over butterfly tattoos! Yow.

Thanks very much for your comment — I loved the word you used!! ;-)

bre said...

Love it...Expresses it completely.

Jon Cox said...

WONDERFUL, ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL! Such a GREAT relief! I really like this poem, GREAT work! :o) Thank you so much for your comments! Thank you so much for all of your support and encouragement, it really helps & it means more to me than anyone will ever know! :o)

Masago said...

Ha! ...and you'll soon be writing about a flood. :-)

belinha said...

I like poetry!!!Do you know portuguese poetry?I read a few foreign poets like Rimbaud or Keats or Wordsworth a long time ago.Now I hardly read.It's quite a shame...

belinha said...

Ah!I tryed to write some poetry but I was really bad...

polona said...

wow! awesome stuff, pat!
love salty sweat running like class 5 rapids over butterfly tattoos (and wonder who these belong to :))

jel said...

Glad you got some rain, we are still waiting !

texas haijin said...

enjoyed, mr. ghost.

belinha said...

I'm glad you liked my work-I'm (a little) better in drawing than in writting!!!Seriously:once I wrote a short story that won a prize.One day I will write a book.But never a poetry one!:-)

Pat Paulk said...

Steve, it was temporary. But the plant life around here loved it.

At least I don't look like I stuck my finger in a 220 outlet!! Thank you!!

Russell, coming from a chef that sounds good!! Thank you!!

Thank you Kai!! She does it to me all the time.

Margie, I'm glad you did. I like the rain too.

Thanks Borut!!

Medusa, thank you!!

Silvermoon, yes they do. Thank you!!

Dumbdodi, I don't blame you. I don't think I could live in your part of the world. Too dreary. Or that's my impression. Thank you!!

Thanks, Plus!! I keep a little muse chained to my desk. She runs away every now and again. She loves beer, she always comes back.

MB, thank you!! I think class 4's pretty impressive. Does make a difference when you go over the tattoos. You blew me away with your music. Looking forward to CD information.

Thank you Mandy!!

Jon, you have a bright future as an artist!! Thank you!!

Vaughn, I hope so!!

Belinha, thank you coming by!! Apparently, I draw like you write poetry. I love your work. Look forward to seeing more of it!!

Polona, you know I love WOW. I'll never tell...

Jel, I hope you don't have to wait long.

Dustin, thanks!!

Lori Witzel said...

Pat, love your concrete and vivid imagery. I mean, "concrete" as in rock-solid and grounded, not "concrete" as in densely packed around one's ankles before one swims with the fishes.

Um, sorry -- saw an episode of the Sopranos last night and it seems to have stuck.

Anyway, I do like your writing, and was delighted to see your comment on my cut-out pic. Hope you'll come back soon!