Monday, August 07, 2006

Ideology War

The cold called for a truce,
my fever evaporated like fog.
I still have the damned cough,
it refuses to lay down arms.
A rogue band of thugs,
hiding behind mucus-stained,
bombed-out lungs,
sniping at non-combatant sips of coffee,
terrorizing daily conversations
with the hack, hack, hack
of its germ spewing ideology.


Anonymous said...

A war has been waged on your lungs, but you shall rise, victorious! :)

jel said...

is that a poetic way of saying you gota summer cold or worst :(

take care! :)

Joyce said...

You have the words for it!

Hototogisu said...

Your eloquence even elevates disease to art. Thank you for making my diseased body's day Pat.

Poetry by Kai said...


samuru999 said...

The cold called for a truce!
Glad to know that!
Hope you feel better soon!
Good poem... as always!

Russell Ragsdale said...

Viral ideology, now there's something to be frightened of. Hope you are feeling better, my friend!

Don Iannone said...

Pat...I can only hope that it is not possible to catch this malady via the Internet. With all that hacking, you might break into my computer and spread the virus! Good poem Pat and feel better.

MB said...

You are very funny, Pat. I take it you are feeling better, and am glad to hear it! It's no fair and no fun being sick in summer.

CD info on the way soon, I promise. Thanks for your interest!

So what do you know about class 4 rapids, eh? I won't even ask about butterfly tattoos.

Masago said...

"...this is Anderson Whooper for CNN reporting to you live at the battle front in pat's lungs. I am embedded with the 33rd Rogue Band of Thugs. The shelling in this sector today has been intense..."

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

Drink more coffee, brother! :)

Amalendu said...

Dealing with summer cold is perhaps easier than this germ spewing ideology.
Well said Pat...

Pris said...

you're so good at expressing the everyday poetically. like this one!

polona said...

good one, pat!
the beer for your muse is on me!
now you'd better deploy all your defence forces to eliminate those thugs assaulting your lungs!

Pat Paulk said...

AA, I will! I will!!

Jel, going on two weeks now!! Been the pits!! Thank you!!

Joyce, Wish that were a cure!!

Karasu, you're very kind. Diseased body?? I hope you're ok.

Thank you Kai!

Margie, we're still working out the terms!! But, getting there.

Russell, I think some world powers thought of it long before me. Thank you, I am!!

Don, I wouldn't wish this on anybody. Thanks!!

MB, better to laugh, than cry. Order already placed, waiting for them to email and tell me when they're shipping them. Can't wait!! Only that, that's some serious whitewater. The only rafting I've ever done was an inner tube on the Broad river here in Georgia. I'd be surprised if they went above 1. I do love the movie "African Queen". Probably doesn't count, huh?

Vaughn, while you're down there embedded, find out where the ammo dump is so I can blow it up!!! Too funny!!

Andrew, I was thinking more beeeeeeeer!!!!!!

Shyamalee, probably!!

Pris, thank you!! I wouldn't mind passing on this though. I could found something else to write about. Lizards acting like hormonal teenagers on my back deck, anything!!

I'm thinking my new defense strategy is beer, beer, and more beer!!!! You're buying right??