Thursday, August 24, 2006

The World Turned

We ranted,
we raged,
we spewed revolutions
like salty spit,
from tongues that knew
Lennon, Dylan, and how to Howl,
with hands soft as newborn snow.

We wrote songs,
and poetry, and essays
that enlightened heaven,
where angels pondered our words
like saviors and potty-trained prophets.
Dust laid siege to our feet,
the causes were neither lost, nor won,
now we know why.


Anonymous said...

Hey, hippie.:)

MB said...

I like the way you structured this — parallel stanzas with the extra "now we know why" at the end. I also enjoyed your word plays.

Don Iannone said...

YES!!! Great one. I can relate to this Pat.

Russell Ragsdale said...

"Dust laid siege to our feet" and how! Great one Pat!

samuru999 said...

A real cool poem!

dumbdodi said...

'potty-trained prophets' hahahaha...You guys were lucky to be a part of those times....loved it

Karasu said...

Brilliant Pat! Lines like "we spewed revolutions/ like salty spit / from tongues that knew" just take me to a different place. Thank you.

mikaelah said...


Masago said...
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Masago said...

"I told you so", eh?
P.S. Did you and Floots hang out together?

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

Reminds me of my misspent youth-when I thought what I thought could make a difference

polona said...

wisdom comes with age, ha?
(or sometimes never)
great write!

Amalendu said...

ha.. now we know why?...nice Pat

Hototogisu said...

further to karasu's post above, i regret to advise that karasu choked on his own beta blog this evening. and despite resuscitation efforts, he and his blog are no longer with us. he has, however, been reborn in the realms as "hototogisu".

Anonymous said...


Pat Paulk said...

Yes ma'am I was!! "Was" being the operative word there.

Thanks MB!! I really wanted to keep the stanzas equal, but in the end couldn't make it work.

Thanks Don!! Not all bad memories!!

Russell, the problem is it didn't stop at the feet!! Thanks!!

Thank you Margie!!

Dumbdodi,I guess. All generations have their good and bad. Yours, which for the most part I get to watch from the sidelines, has more knowledge/understanding than any preceding generation in history. But, then, so has every preceding generation. Glad I could make you laugh.

Karasu, it was my pleasure, sir!!

Thank you Mikaelah!!

Vaughn, I'm guessing, but i imagine Floots and I hung out with some of the same ideas, music tastes, and possibly an experimentation or two.

Sue, I misspent a ton of youth.

Polona, sometimes never!!

Thanks Shyamalee!!

Hototogisu, did you kidnap Karasu?

Thank you Mandy!!