Friday, November 03, 2006

Between The Lines Passé

I read a poem, sometime back,
about words behind words,
like a pack of wild teenagers
playing hide and seek,
these were very well hidden.
I can’t remember the author, but
it was published in “...Review”
(bag lady of notoriety sporting
an old hat with new paper flowers
For instance, “it’s a cold, but beautiful morning”,
would have dry-eyed witch laughing
curled up inside the last “u”—
who would think to look there?
Certainly makes me wonder
what’s hiding in “see Dick run”?

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J. Andrew Lockhart said...

:) wonderful!

Masago said...


Poetry by Kai said...

thank u

GEL said...

Adore the phrase "like a pack of wild teenagers playing hide and seek."
I read and listened to your most recent poems. Your voice is as I imagined. Most pleasurable to hear! ( I have friends in GA. :D)
I used to post audio readings. Maybe I'll brave that again.

samuru999 said...

loved this one Pat!
Excellent poem...and wonderful reading of it!
Good job!


MB said...

It's an intriguing idea that there might be some wild characters sneakingg around ... makes me wonder who's running around behind the scenes of this poem!! ;-) Nice work, Pat!

polona said...

aren't we always looking for words behind words? awsome stuff, pat! :)

Pat Paulk said...

Thanks Andrew!!

I thought the original was, and much better too!!

You are welcome Kai!!

Silvermoon, we'd love to hear you read. Teenagers are professional hiders. Thank you!! What part of Georgia?

Thanks Margie!!

MB, the original was much better done, and the concept really rang a creative bell with me. I'll probably haul this one back out, put it on the rack, and tinker with it again. Thank you ma'am!!

Polona, I guess as readers of poetry we're always trying to dissect metaphors. No wonder frogs prefer English 101 to Biology 101.