Monday, November 27, 2006

Class Acts

He jumped from behind a bush,
not in Australia,
one he was holding on a sidewalk
in front of the Wharf in San Francisco.
He used it as a carpenter does
a hammer, a saw, a square:
scared the passers by, and once
they wiggled free of embarassment,
put money in his bucket.
I went, and bought a basket of crabs,
sat on the finger of a pier, and watched.
After an hour he leaned his tool against a pole,
and headed back toward the vendors.
As he passed in front of me, he looked down—
I think he noticed I’d been watching,
we both smiled, then laughed.
He disappeared around a corner,
I cleaned up my mess of shells and paper towels,
and moved on to a pair of gold and silver mimes.


Anonymous said...

This one put a smile on my face, Pat. Enjoyed the Aussie connection too! ;-)

Medusa aka expiringpoet said...

I love mimes! This one's really nice Pat, your description fees so real!

MB said...

Made me smile, too. This is a fun one, Pat! You tell a story well.

samuru999 said...

More smiles from me pat!
Really like this one!


Don Iannone said...

Made me smile as well. Good one. Pat!

mikaelah said...

I love the way you capture the sidewalk characters, yourself included.

Kranti said...

"Shell" I say this is a good one or a great one? Well, great it is Pat. Vivid story in a few sentences.

ann said...

this captured my imagination... I never know what to expect when I wander over here... I'm never disappointed

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

NINANINA said...

i love the use of metaphor.... yes piers are like fingers!:)NINA

polona said...

so good to come and read this after a hectic day... add me to the smiling club :)

Cathy said...

I love it (as usual).
Where did your lovely voice go, though?

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I was there a couple of years ago and I saw that guy!! That's really weird!

Pat Paulk said...

SB, couldn't resist. Thank you!!

Medusa, it was a real experience about 6 years ago. Thank you!!

MB, it was fun to watch. Why I remembered it yesterday I don't know. I think it's my ideal job!!

Margie, all smiles are greatly appreciated!!

Thanks Don!!

Mikaelah, thanks!! Me included I like that.

Kranti, thanks!! I hope he's still there.

Ann, I don't either. Thanks for continuing to come by!!

Nina, I'm a little partial to the use of metaphor and simile myself!!

Polona, looks like you joined a good club!!

Thanks Cathy!! Where's the lobster??

Andrew, glad to know he was still there. I hope he's a millionaire. That was the most creative way to beg I've ever seen.

Minerva Bloom said...

I missed your words Pat Paulk. Good to see that you are keeping the muse alive.

You have a way of painting a poem that send the reader into intimate moments. Thank you for sharing.

Pat Paulk said...

Minerva, it's been good to hook back up with you. I, too, have missed your wonderful poems, artwork, photography and fantastic comments.

Masago said...

Nice, reminds my of an experience I had like that many years ago.

Anonymous said...

great images, pat.
i feel like i'm watching a scene from a show, the characters you fleshed out are so clear. :)