Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Single Words

She told me I always
have to have the last word.
To that I replied,
“somebody does…”

She says I never listen
to a single word she says.
I said I try, but the multitude
of words she surrounds it with
make it impossible to hear.

(The first verse I'm guilty of. The second even I'm not that stupid)

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MB said...

With your last words here I think you've captured the essence of many a quarrel — the feeling of not being heard or the viewpoint accepted, on one end or the other. I'm always amazed at how much you pack into your poems, Pat.

samuru999 said...

This one I love!
I am going to have my better half read it tonight!
Great reading Pat!


Kranti said...

Clever wordplay this! I love it.

polona said...

ha! i think many can relate to either of these...
great stuff as always!

trinitystar said...

she laughs out loud ... ooooooooooooooooh uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu just like a man. :o) Very clever ... but who gave you the idea Pat?

Poetry by Kai said...


mikaelah said...

Have you been eavesdropping...?

Osquer said...

Glad to know that you're a wise man, Pat.

Well written.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

All women are the same. :)

Masago said...

...stepping on thin ice. :-)

Bice said...

When told,
"You never listen."
I always reply,
"What did you say."

It's an inside joke
that we both find funny,
seriously - funny,
even if it is
an oxymoron.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I came back and saw that you had your voice with it -- I guess I didn't see it the first time --- it makes it even funnier. :)

Russell Ragsdale said...

Funny Pat but also a sad reality. Good write Pat!

steve said...

Thanks for recording this -
great to hear your voice!

Good humor, if somewhat risky :)

ann said...


my ex used to talk for England (still does)just like my mother. I would switch off and prick up my ears only at certain words and then say to him... "Sorry Mummy"

It did not go down well, but I'm fairly quiet and he was most verbose... I have found blogging the only place my voice is heard... LOL

have a great day

lotsa luv ann xxxx

Anonymous said...

Heheheheh! You are playing with fire here, Pat. I hope you don't get burnt. ;-)

Anonymous said...

skating on thin ice? :)

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Naughty boy!!
When she speaks praise i bet you hear every word...
Mr Poetic Pat for all us women tell me this isn't really you!

Pat Paulk said...

Most "couples" have quarrels/spats and generally less said is best. But, doing what's best is not generally my strong suit. Thanks MB!!

Thanks Margie!! What did he say??

Thanks Kranti!!

Polona, this really isn't a male/female thing. The roles are very interchangeable, and I'm guilty of playing both. Thank you ma'am!!

Trinitystar, actually, the first verse happened yesterday morning. Was not a major confrontation. My reply was strictly being a smart @$$, as I do it so well. The second verse really boils up from my second ex-wife, she never uttered a "single" word. Glad you saw the humor in it!!

Thanks Kai!!

Mikaelah, I'll never tell, but that rustling in the bushes may not be squirrels...

Thank you Oscuer!! I wouldn't go that far.

Andrew, I ain't touching that comment!! You're on your own.

Vaughn, what's life without some thin ice??

Bice, levity is always best. Thanks for coming by and commenting!!

Andrew, this comment I can reply to, thanks!! It was truly meant to be humrous.

Thanks Russell!! You are right it is sad.

Thanks Steve!! No risk, no reward??

Ann, verbose folks need a little brick wall to run in to. All voices need to be heard, glad you found blogging!!!

SB, if one can't get burnt playing with fire, where can one get burnt??? Glad you found it funny!!

Dsnake, I reckon, but I'm pretty well insulated. A positive aspect of carrying an extra pound or two.

Corey, the first verse I'm guilty of, but it was said more jokingly/smart "assish" than out of anger. As I said above the second I used to think all the time with my second ex-wife, but was never dumb enough to say it. I listen when she doesn't speak praise too.

boulies said...

This is really funny Pat! And what made me laugh even more was your comment at the end.

floots said...

what i think is .......
(sorry - gotta go - she's coming down the hall - aaagh) :)
nice one

Pris said...

Well, I'm female and I like it, since it can go both ways and it's a neat poem! It made me smile in recognition:-)

Pris said...

PS your accent makes me soooooo homesick!

Amalendu said...

I thought to put it....I am scared as I have added you to my blog (she keeps visiting my blog!!!)

Pat Paulk said...

Thanks Boulies!! Truth can be funny!!

Floots, we're all cowards at heart. Or is it something else...

Pris, you are right. It can and does go both ways. Actually, I'm more of the "wordy" person here. Don't tell her I admitted to that.

Amalendu, if she ever finds out the name of my blog, I'm caught. Oh well...

gautami tripathy said...

Actually here you captured the way a female thinks and speaks. Fast and furious when she is angry..