Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Wherever, Wherever Is

A private jet just flew over
whooshing away to wherever.
I don’t wish I was going there,
wherever, wherever is.
Like a bullet they pierced
the belly of a cloud,
I heard it scream,
watched it roll, and turn inside out;
silence caressed it
like a body bag zipped,
then drifted off
to a graveyard of dreams.

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Pris said...

I like this, Pat! Also, the first time I've heard you read. I grew up in the Carolinas, with relatives in Atlanta, so your accent took me home again. Thanks!

MB said...

It is a different experience for me to read while hearing you read your poems, than for me to read the words alone. This is a great addition to your blog!

Cathy said...

It's official; you MUST make a recording of all your poems and then I can listen to it on my drive to work.

Poetry by Kai said...

well pat
u done it again...

what a treat

samuru999 said...

Wonderful poem Pat!
Wonderful reading as well!


polona said...

wow! love the poem, love hearing you read it!

C said...

Interesting poem - reminds me a lot of 911

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I LOVE IT!!!! It's great to hear your voice :)

Don Iannone said...

Indeed...great to hear the voice that birthed the words. Great one Pat! A+

Masago said...

Well done, indeed.

Masago said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Great visualization! It gave me the chills... I could feel it. You have a fabulous way with words... I love visiting your blog!

Inconsequential said...

that's kinda cool, at least the inflections and spacings are where you put them, not where we read 'em.


oh, and sort of brave too :)

trinitystar said...

Kind of kookie this one ... yet so true ... our creations do send many things off into a body bag. :o)
hugs for u Pat
ps it is kind of neat hearing peoples voices as they read their poems.

Plus Ultra said...

Lovely again, I think the Muse is operating all the time and you are just a tenant in the house of your body!!!!!

Plus Ultra said...


Anonymous said...

love that bodybag image
great piece

floots said...

blogger made me anonymous :)

Pat Paulk said...

Pris, glad I could take you home!! Did I say that?? Thank you!!

MB, thank you!! Something to play with.

Cathy, thank you for such a kind compliment!!

Thank you Kai!!

Thank you Margie!!

Thanks Polona!!

C, interesting take on it.

Thanks Andrew!!

Don, that's the only A+ I ever got in my life. My pluses were usually attached to D's.

Thanks Vaughn!!

EP, thank you!! Love visiting yours too!!

Inconsequential, never been accused of being brave... Thank you!!

Trinitystar, does make the experience different doesn't it? Kookie, I've been called!!

Thank you Plus!! I am the gatekeeper, sometimes I'm just not sure how many are in there...

Floots, I've woken a few mornings I wish I were... thank you!!